This week in Trinity: empowering students to be involved on campus

Following fresher’s week, week two begins on a high note with scuba-diving, Dizzee Rascal and society mixers

The madness of Fresher’s week has come to a close and you may be left aching with exhaustion. With the spare change completely gone, the piles of free doughnut vouchers and lunch discounts are all that remain. Lectures begin and routine sets in, however, this week proves that the events are far from over.

This first week is dedicated to empowerment, it celebrates how college allows students to take charge and make changes for the better. TCDSU will have events encouraging students to become involved in leadership. On Tuesday, at 6pm in the Global Room, there will be a talk on what it takes to be a class rep if you’re more interested in hearing about diverse leadership head to the Global Room on Tuesday at 6pm for a panel on ethnic leadership. Thursday’s event is a disability coffee morning at 11am in the Global room.

Applications for becoming a class rep for each course will also be open until this Friday, for those new students eager to get organising events for their peers. In addition to this, EGMs will be taking place throughout the week where you have the opportunity to get the chance to become a committee member of a society.

At 2.30pm the five-time Grammy award winning Dionne Warwick will speak to the Hist about her career and success. With countless hits from “Say a Little Prayer” to “Walk on By”, she will be presented with the Burke medal for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in the GMB Debating Chamber.  In the evening at 6.30pm, DU Rifle Club will host a safety briefing and introduction event in the arts block for everyone wanting to learn about the hobby and meet others who are interested. If you want to try an event that is completely different, there is the free try-a-dive by DU Sub-Aqua Club in the Trinity pool at 8pm open to all those curious about the sport.

Tuesday will begin with a talk on volunteer empowerment at 12pm in the Swift Theatre, for anyone with feeling like they can do some good in college this event will give you all the information you need. Also at 12pm, DU Alternative Music Society and Metafizz will have a chill and musical coffee hour in House 6 perfect for anyone seeking a calm lunchtime relax. At 6pm, the Visual Arts Society will host an EGM Paint n’ Sip in House 6 promising canvases, wine, and paint to bring a creative flair into your day. Lit Soc and Q Soc will have a screening of the heartwarming movie ‘Love, Simon’ at 6.30pm, which follows a teen in the process of coming out to his peers.

If you’re feeling eager to be more active, there’s the Trinity Karate first training session at 6.30pm in the Trinity Sports Centre. It will be open to all levels of experience and be followed by a well-needed meal out.  DU History will then host an 80s mixer event in Sweetman’s at 7pm to celebrate new members to the society.

On Wednesday, at 5pm there will be a Trinity Talks Science listening session “Gay-zing at the stars” focusing on topics from nuclear fusion, genes, to galactic systems. This event in the Global room will be followed by a Q&A on what was discussed. There is also a talk from Seal Rescue Ireland at 5.30pm with DU Conservation Society in the Paccar lecture theatre for all who are interested in the details of their work in protecting marine life around the country.

For those excited to get involved in charity work, there is the VTP (Voluntary Tuition Programme) information evening at 6pm in the Hamilton which is a great opportunity to learn about the work they do all year.

Later at 7.30pm there will be a Hist debate in collaboration with DU Amnesty and Trinity Politics Society where they will discuss the right to bear arms, especially as violent gun crime is a common topic of discussion at the moment. If all the events during Wednesday haven’t you exhausted then Trinity Ents will present the highly anticipated Freshers Ball in The Academy with DJ Solarado, claiming to be the sixth night of freshers week.

Thursday sees the VDP Intro night at 7pm which will outline the many ways of getting involved with volunteering over the next academic year. The event will showcase the activities they run from soup runs, sports clubs, to flat decorating. It is truly an essential talk for detailing how to make the most of your volunteering for students new and old. The Classical society EGM is on at 7pm in the Arts Block, and the DU History EGM is also taking place at this time. The Phil will host their debate at 7.30pm in the GMB with the motion ‘this house would Irexit’. For those with a passion for politics, this is a must, and applications to speak at a debate during the year are now open.

On Friday, there will be a disabilities coffee morning at 11am in the Global Room. Following this event at 2pm, the rapper Dizzee Rascal will speak to the Phil in the GMB, and be awarded the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage. It’s recommended to arrive early to get a seat! Meanwhile, Loch Kelly, author and expert in meditation, will also present a talk to DU Meditation on advanced mindfulness at 2pm.

Even as modules and deadlines become reality, there really is no end to the action as this looks to be a lively week!

Maeve Breathnach

Maeve Breathnach is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Life. She is a Junior Fresh English Literature and Maths student.