This week in Trinity: Jeff Weiner, moon cake, and a David Attenborough party

Week three brings events from drawing and meditation, to debates and panel discussions in just one action packed week

Are you wrecked after the weekend? Especially as you’ve realized that summer is truly over and freshers week is long gone? Study and reading lists may be piling up but the events certainly aren’t slowing down. This week gives you every opportunity to get your mind off assignments and exams and get some well-needed procrastination in.


You can have a relaxed Monday morning with coffee and croissants from the French Society in room three in the Atrium. At 1pm, if you want to de-stress and clear your head, DU Meditation is hosting a mindful meditation outside in the Physics Garden. After this zen event, they will be having their EGM in the Global Room with tea and snacks if you want to get involved. The Literary Soc will also be having their EGM at 4pm in the room 3131 in the Arts Block. They will be discussing what’s on their reading list at the moment. The CEO of Linkedin Jeff Weiner will be speaking to the Phil at 5.15pm in the GMB about his successful career and charity work. Later in the evening, the CSSA and Chinese Society will be celebrating the mid-autumn festival in the Knowledge Exchange Room in Trinity’s Biomedical Sciences Institute at 7pm. There will be a traditional dessert called moon cake and festivities to celebrate the full moon being visible in the sky, and you can learn about the legends of the desert and festival. If you’re interested in activism, the weekly VDP Social Justice club begins at 7.15pm for learning about direct provision in Ireland.


You can have a chill afternoon with the Botanical Illustration Workshop in the Anatomy Building at 1pm. The Botanical Soc, DU Mediation and Vis Arts will be providing sketchbooks, pencils and plants for a drawing session open to all. If you want to get theatrical, there will be auditions for the Greek drama ‘Medea’ at 5pm by DU Classical Society and Arch Society in the Arts Block room 5039 with no acting experience required. At 6pm, Trinity Global Development Society will be in the Global Room with tea, coffee and pizza. They will be speaking about how Ireland can reduce inequalities. Later at 7pm, the Theological Society will be having their first event- a table quiz in J.W. Sweetman’s to test your knowledge and meet other society members. Meanwhile, Aramark off Our Campus and TCD People Before Profit are hosting an end direct provision panel at 7pm in the Arts Block room 4050a. There will be speakers from several organisations discussing what steps can be taken to help fight it. If you want to escape the arts block, head over to the Pav at 8pm to meet General Science society for ‘The Gumball Challenge III’.


You can get cultured and have a laugh with the play ‘Gaasss’ in the DU Players Theatre at 5pm following a makeup artist whose life is turned upside down after witnessing a murder.

Free wine and cheese are available at the DU Food and Drink Soc EGM at 6pm where you can go for a position or just meet other members. If you are interested in student journalism, our very own Trinity News is having an intro night at 7pm in the Robert Emmet Theatre in the Arts Block about the sections of our paper and is perfect for anyone who is curious about getting involved. If you want to get musical, DU Alternative Music society is having their EGM in the GSU common room followed by a jam session. The Hist are hosting their weekly debate on ‘This House Believes in a Right to Die’ at 7.30pm in the GMB, they also have a reception before the talk with food and drink. Film soc and Space soc have teamed up to bring you a panel discussion on what the film industry has gotten wrong about space. Set to be an unusual and fun event at 7pm in the Arts Block, it’s well worth checking out.


Thursday morning starts with Trinity SU hosting voting drives to get students registered in the Arts Block at 12pm and the Hamilton at 2pm. The Bram Stoker Club is having a panel discussion with Trinity VDP on housing and homelessness in the GMB at 2pm on the current state of the housing crisis and activism. At 7pm, DU Meditation is having an introduction to their mindfulness course from the Dublin Buddhist Centre in room 50 in the Atrium if you want to learn all about mindfulness and various meditation techniques. DU History will be in the Maxwell Theatre in the Hamilton at 7pm hosting Tommy Graham. Graham is a former Trinity student and has gone on to be an important figure in history, founding his own magazine and being a presenter on Newstalk, well worth a visit from any history buff. The Phil’s annual Liferaft Debate is taking place at 7.30pm in the GMB Chamber where the Arts Block and the Hamilton battle it out to determine who is really more important and who deserves to survive if Trinity descended into floods. Alternatively, go wild as you enter the weekend, with the Trinity Ents event “Japanese Jungle” in Opium where there will be David Attenborough masks all around and as much leopard print as possible.


If you want to get creative, the Trinity Animation Soc are having a causal drawing session in Aras an Phiarsaigh at 6pm. If you need more relaxation after such a packed week, DU Film Soc and Metafizz are having a screening of Dogtooth at 6pm in the Jonathon Swift theatre in the Arts Block. There is also a walking debate with Trinity Talks Science in the Global Room at 6pm. So go forth and enjoy the week!

Maeve Breathnach

Maeve Breathnach is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Life. She is a Junior Fresh English Literature and Maths student.