This week in Trinity: Christmas trees, pub crawls and mince pies

The last week of the semester brings many Christmas celebrations, including pub crawls, mulled wine and a crafternoon

It’s the final week in the semester and society events are about to be done and dusted until the new year. Trinity’s societies are making the most of the final days of the term, infusing their last Michaelmas events with a festive holiday mood. Yes, essay deadlines and exams loom but there’s certainly no time like the present to take a well-deserved study and library break.


DU Players are presenting the play Blooded, which will take place at 1pm in the Players theatre every day this week. Later at 6pm, they will be celebrating the launch of Women’s Week in the Players theatre before their 7pm play. Also at 6pm, the VDP Christmas Appeal will take place in Goldsmith Hall, where there will be information about the festive events taking place over the week. There will also be free hot chocolate and mince pies for everyone who attends.


If you want to do some good deeds before the holiday break, you can donate to a clothing drive, shoebox appeal or the Send a Candy Cane scheme at a Trinity VDP stall from 12pm to 2pm in the Arts Block until Friday this week. DU Players are hosting former Trinity student Doireann Garrihy at 3pm to speak about her career as a TV and radio broadcaster. In the evening at 7pm, Europa is hosting a Scandi Night where there will be a quiz in the Global room and plenty of Scandinavian food and drinks to enjoy.


The Hist are hosting their weekly debate on This House would Cancel Christmas at 7pm, a comedy debate questioning whether the festivities are really worth it. It’s promised to be a hilarious motion and will be followed by a reception after the debate. Also at 7pm, Trinity Publications is celebrating the tree lighting in their House Six office. You can join them in a small celebration with hot chocolate, candy canes and mince pies along with a great view of Front Square while staying a bit warmer. Later at 8.30pm, DU Players are having their version of a nativity play; casting God as a woman, it’s set to be an interesting sight.


At 1pm, the Environmental society and S2S are having a Crafternoon in the Pav where you can de-stress and make decorations from a selection of recycled materials while learning how you can cut down on waste during the holidays. The Phil will be celebrating their term of debates at 5pm in the GMB with free mulled wine, eggnog and mince pies alongside a jazz band reception. Afterward, the committee will be lighting up their in-house Christmas tree in preparation for the festive season, and are bringing in a photo booth for the occasion. Following this, debaters will sink their teeth into their final motion of the term, This House Would Ride the Grinch.  If that wasn’t exciting enough already, after the debate Trinity Ents DJs will play from the balcony of the GMB chamber. The Phil has teamed up with the Ents crew for a Santa chase pub crawl, which will begin at 10pm. If you prefer, VDP will be doing 12 Pubs, starting at 7pm in the Pav.


At 6pm, VDP are having their annual Christmas Appeal Wrap party where you can chill out and wrap some presents for the kids Christmas party in room 5025 in the Arts Block. To celebrate the Jonathan Swift festival, the Phil are hosting a debate at 6pm on whether the house believes we are losing our humanity. Swift is a world-renowned Anglo-Irish satiric author, essayist, and poet who wrote Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, and many others in the 18th century. The motion draws on Swift’s conservative opinion regarding technology and scientific advancements, and his belief that individuals were becoming increasingly alienated from each other. It will be taking place in the Science Gallery and and entry is free; however, you can sign up for a ticket online to make sure you get a seat.

There’s plenty on, so why not try to get in the festive mood before retreating back to the library!

Maeve Breathnach

Maeve Breathnach is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Life. She is a Junior Fresh English Literature and Maths student.