This week in Trinity: Disability awareness, Sinead Burke and Samhain

A day dedicated to the Samhain festival, High Society and disability awareness week are amongst a few of the events planned for week ten

The weather is freezing and you probably got drenched in the rain last week but don’t let that get you down. There may be assignments due and work to be done, but there is such a wide of variety of fun events to choose from this week. It is also disability awareness week and there are a variety of events to interest everyone from a talk with Sinead Burke and panel discussions with DU Gender Equality. 


DU Meditation will have a mindful Monday meditation at 1pm, where they will focus on tips for sensory overload and will show mindful practices as well. There will also be free tea and biscuits for all who attend. At 6pm, there will be a talk on the West and China from Peter Nolan, presented by the Trinity Chinese Society and Global Development Society in the GMB.

In the evening at 6.30pm, there will be a sketchbook exhibition presented by Vis arts in the Atrium. Sketchbooks from members and the committee will be on show, and there will be music from DUDJ and plenty of wine and snacks. If you feel like being inspired, TEDxTCD will be meeting in the MacNeill Theatre at 6.45pm to showcase five speakers for the final of their student speaker competition. 


At 2pm, Bram Stoker Club are collaborating with DU History to bring you The Road to Reproductive Rights: A History where two papers will be read out. At 6pm, Sinead Burke will be visiting Fashion Soc. Burke was on Vogue’s most influential list this year and she will be discussing accessibility in the fashion industry.

The annual Samhain celebration kicks off at 1pm presented by Cumann Gaelach, Trinity Arts Workshop, Botany Soc, Trad Soc, and VDP. These are set to be fun and relaxing events scattered through the day starting with lantern making workshop with Trinity Arts Workshop at 2pm in the Trinity Arts workshop on Pearse Street. At the same time, there will be a Pagan inspired leaf crown workshop with the Botany society at 1pm in the Eliz room. This will be followed by a Sean-Nós workshop with Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin which is open for any student wishing to learn or improve their singing with Trad soc. Later on, at 7pm, there will be a performance of poetry, music, singing and more in Seomra na Gaelige. There will then be a reception at 8pm and afterwards, students will be moving on to the Wiley Fox, where Trad soc will preform. It’s set to be an exciting and action-packed day.


DU Gender Equality will be meeting as part of disability awareness week to speak about sex positivity and how more needs to be done to include those with disabilities in this discussion. At 6pm, VDP’s Trinity Club is hosting a performance of Mary Poppins in the Royal Academy of Music which is free to attend. Trinity Literary Society will host a conversation with Una Mullally at 5pm. She is a columnist in the Irish Times and the Guardian, writer and broadcaster, she is also the editor of the Repeal the 8th anthology and wrote In the Name of Love which follows the movement for marriage equality in Ireland.

Later at 7.30pm, the weekly Hist debate will be on on the motion of a right to be forgotten in the GMB. They will discuss freedom of expression, privacy, censorship and what the impact of implementing this right would be. There will also be a reception after this debate.


As the week begins to wind down, start off with a relaxing morning at the Oriental cafe at 11am in the Global room where there will be coffee, tea, and baked goods with the Japanese Soc, Chinese Soc, and Korean Soc. Later in the Eliz room at 4pm, SOFIA are hosting a model UN committee simulation of the UN Human rights council where they will have a debate over the crisis in Yemen and its ongoing civil war.

At 7pm, the annual High Society event will take place in House 6 where doors are open and many societies host fun events in the evening including Vis arts, Trinity FM, Comedy Soc, Lit Soc, DUAMS, DU Film, Pol Soc, Q Soc and the Metafizz. There will be a formal dress code and there will be refreshments for all. Entry will cost 3 euro and there will be an afters as well. It’s definitely not a night to miss! The Phil Maidens Final will be on at 7.30pm in the GMB on whether the house would live a life with no regrets. The competition will discuss the motion, and afterwards, there will be a reception followed by a night out in Whelans to celebrate.


As part of disability awareness week at 3pm, the Psychology Soc will be having a talk on disability and mental health with an officer from the Disability Service who will discuss the challenges of Trinity students and how we can support them. DUPA will be having a Christmas Exhibition on celebrating the age of the deadline at 4pm. Photography by its committee and members will be displayed in the Global room and it marks the 70th year of the society.

Maeve Breathnach

Maeve Breathnach is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Life. She is a Junior Fresh English Literature and Maths student.