This week in Trinity: TAF, Valentine’s Day and the MeToo movement

Week four in Trinity promises to focus on feminism, love and the creative arts

As the fourth week of Hilary term begins, Trinity’s societies continue to pump out even more exciting events. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s plenty of fascinating events to attend when the stress of the library starts to overwhelm you. This week is also Éigse Week which will see a number of events co-hosted by TCDSU and Cumann Gaelach to celebrate Irish language and culture.


Trinity Arts Festival (TAF), DU History and DU Players will be kicking off the week with The Trials of Oscar Wilde in the GMB Chamber at 5pm. The event is a dramatic take on Wilde’s prosecution and imprisonment for his sexual orientation and will include a talk from Dr Clare Tebutt, of the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies in Trinity, on the subject. Afterwards, at 7pm, Trinity’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) will host Richard Andrews, the Australian Ambassador to Ireland, as well as Andrew Walsh, the embassy’s Political Researcher, in the Synge Theatre. The ambassador will speak on the relationship the two countries have and the importance of trade and cultural exchange between them. At the same time, Cumann Gaelach are hosting a panel discussion in Seomra na Gaeilge, which will feature a number of prominent Irish speakers.


On Tuesday, Trinity Global Development Society and SOFIA are having a talk at 6pm in the Global Room on transrational peacebuilding. The event will feature a talk from Josefina Echavarria, who is the Director In Peace, at the Research Center for Peace and Conflict at Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck. Afterwards, at 7pm, TAF and DU Comedy Society are hosting their comedy show, Hysteria!, which has an all-female line up and promises to be a hilarious evening. TAF, along with DUDJ, DU Pharmaceutical Association and Trinity Visual Arts Society are hosting a PINK PARTY, which will celebrate feminist art across a range of mediums at 8pm in the Library Project.


Wednesday sees Trinity Afro Caribbean Society hosting their speed meeting event at 6pm, followed by a mixer in the Knowledge Exchange Area of the TBSI building. At the same time, EnviroSoc are hosting a movie night in the Atrium, showing the documentary Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom. It focuses on people from across the United States whose lives have been changed by the renewable energy industry. Afterwards, at 7pm, DU Classical Society and DU Archaeological Society are having a Valentine’s quiz on love in the ancient world which is sure to be fascinating. They’ll also be raffling off two of their tickets for the Imperial Ball so head on down if you want the chance to win free tickets.

Also at 7pm, DU Gender Equality are holding a panel discussion on women in STEM in the Salmon theatre. Dr Jane Farrar and Dr Arlene Gallagher will share their perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in the field of STEM and the barriers they have experienced. Continuing with the theme of feminism for the evening, the Hist’s weekly debate is on the motion This House Believes That The #MeToo Movement Is Succeeding, at 7.30pm in the GMB. The #MeToo movement has created a culture where people can discuss their experiences in solidarity with others, however, some women have expressed their dissatisfaction with the movement. Claiming the focus has been primarily on white, upper-middle class women and has left women of colour and working-class women behind. There’ll be a reception before the debate and a collection, with all proceeds going towards the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.


On Thursday, Cumann Gaelach will host The Fake Wake, on the funeral traditions of Ireland, at 6pm. They’ll start with a comedy debate on the motion This House Believes that Valentine’s Day Should be Put to Death, before carrying the ‘coffin’ across campus to the Pav, where it’ll be offered a toast in mourning. If you’re not planning to find the love of your life in a coffin, why not join Qsoc at 7pm to participate in their speed friending event, where you’ll get the chance to mingle with those who still walk among the living. Later, at 7.30pm, the Phil are hosting their weekly debate on the motion This House is so Grateful for their Ex in the GMB. Whether you view your ex as a wonderful learning experience or a dreadful mistake, this is sure to be an entertaining debate you won’t want to miss.

Throughout the day, Trinity Law Society will also be hosting their annual Law Day in aid of Jigsaw, the mental health charity. In the morning they’ll have a five-a-side football competition followed by a street concert with the Trinitones on Grafton Street to raise money. Later in the evening, they’ll have a special, legal edition of Take Me Out in the Ed Burke, hosted by Irish comedian Owen Colgan, the perfect opportunity for a lonely lawyer to find some love. To round off the night, they’ll be heading to the Wiley Fox in a last-ditch attempt to find some love before the clock strikes 12 and Valentine’s Day is over.


If you love the idea of appearing on Take Me Out but loathe the thought of having to put one foot in the Arts Block then lady luck has your back as Trinity Biological Society are also hosting their version of Take Me Out in the TBSI building at 7pm. The winning couple gets a free date so it’s well worth your while chancing your arm. To round off the week, Trinity Ents, DUMAS and DU Music Society are holding the first semi-finals of their Battle of the Bands competition in the Grand Social. Tickets are only €5 so go support your favourite band and help them get through to the finals.

Seamus Small

Seamus Small is the current Assistant Societies Editor of Trinity News. He is a Senior Fresh Law and Politics student.