Blind Dates: “His friends actually signed him up for the date”

Trinity News plays cupid, setting two students up on an intimate first date.


What were you hoping for?

Something easy and fun, someone nice to talk to. I didn’t want a shirt and tie formal date 

Have you seen them around campus before?

I’m gonna see her picture every day when I walk into college. Since she’s on the athletics team her picture is in the arts block and front gate. It’s everywhere. I’m gonna see her everywhere. It isn’t a bad thing. 

When you first met her what course did you think she studied?

I kinda got medical vibes, when you walk up to someone it’s kind of a feeling you get from what they are wearing, I don’t know. In the end I learned she studies speech and language therapy so I wasn’t that far off. 

What did you talk about?

We were both at a festival two years ago. A really unknown festival in the south of Spain. We were actually both at Hudson Taylor and there was…I’d say only 100 people in the crowd.

Any awkward moments? 

I think she might have forgotten my name for half of it. I think…we were walking up Westmoreland Street and she was like, “oh yeah you’re…” like she wasn’t really sure. 

But did you remember her name? 

The reason I remembered her name was because she was telling stories from home and she’d mention her name a lot in the story.

How would you describe your date?

She was really casual. She was saying she doesn’t get stressed out by anything. She’s easy going, if you’re going on a date people can be uptight and nervous but she wasn’t. 

Rate the date out of ten

I’d give it a 9 because it was an all round good date. 

Is there anything you would change about your date?

I feel like…I’d bring her to the pool rooms on South William Street instead of going to Token. It’s pretty nice, you can just rent a table and grab some drinks.

Would you introduce her to your friends?

Well…when we came back to college we turned around and saw 15 of my mates. It turns out they were coming back from a house party the night before and just happened to come in at the same time. It looked like they were following us. She actually wanted to meet them.

Would you go on another date?

Yeah, why not.


What were you hoping for?

I’d say to meet someone in Trinity I normally wouldn’t meet. 

Have you seen him around campus before?

No, I’ve never seen him before. I think because I’m always up in the arts block and he’s always down in the Hamilton we’ve never seen each other before.

What course did you think they studied?

I knew he was definitely a Hamilton boy, maybe physics or maths or something like that.

What did you talk about?

We talked about everything…family, friends, the renting crisis in Dublin, a festival we were both at, how we ended up on the date. I learned his friends actually signed him up for the date.

Any awkward moments?

No not really, he was really easy to talk to. If I had to think of one maybe when we were leaving. We didn’t really know what to do.

How would you describe the date in three words?

Casual, chilled and genuine.  

How would rate the date out of 10?

I think about a 7. He was really nice but romantically I don’t think it was there. I’d actually enjoy going on the beer with him and his friends. His friends are good fun as well. I think if we met somewhere outside of college we’d have good craic. 

Anything you would change about the date experience?

Token really isn’t my scene. 

What is your ideal first date place?

I personally love walks, anything outdoorsy. Go to the beach, go for coffee, go for ice cream, maybe drinks and cocktails.

Did you kiss?

No we didn’t. That could be the awkward moment…

Would you introduce them to your friends?

Yeah he’s sound. If he was walking around I’d introduce him to the girls. They were all really intrigued by the date.

Would you go on another date?

Not romantically but I’d go drinking with him and his mates.

Some names have been changed.

Emily O'Reilly

Emily O'Reilly is the current Sex and Relationships Editor of Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister Sociology and Social Policy student.

Henry Petrillo

Henry Petrillo is the Deputy Sex & Relationships Editor for Trinity News.