Monthly Horoscopes

Discover our new horoscope column in collaboration with the Astrology Society and find out what’s in store for October!

October begins with a bang with a full Moon in Aries on the 1st, and Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd. The Mars retrograde in Aries continues throughout the month, and Mercury decides to join Mars in a retrograde that begins on the 13th and ends the 28th. A new Moon in Libra offers a time for love and pleasure, this energy is mimicked when Venus enters Libra on the 27th. Finally, a full Moon in Taurus closes the month on the 31st, injecting the witchy air of Halloween with decadence and material enjoyment. 


This is a tough month for you Aries, as your home planet Mars journeys through its retrograde, leaving you tired and unmotivated. Now is not the time for impulsive behaviour, especially after the full moon in Aries passes on the second. Take the time to think things through, however unnatural it may seem to you! Focus on the internal self and establish a strong routine. This will serve you through the Mercury retrograde from the 13th – sex and secrets will be explored in surprising ways and its a time to tread lightly!


Things begin well for you, Taurus, as the Sun moves through Libra. Venus sits in Virgo, fellow earth sign, and offers mutual understanding and steady relationships. The Mars retrograde still urges you to move with caution, but this shouldn’t affect your pace of life too much. Instead, your sex life may be tumultuous – try and find the source of your anger before reacting! It is a slow month, and a time to work carefully and methodically, but as the month ends in a full moon in Taurus on the 31st, languish in the feel of your sign!


A Mercury retrograde in Scorpio speeds through October, perhaps causing tension in your sex life, dear Gemini. Communication may not flow as easily as it usually does, but perhaps it is a time to think about money as Jupiter sits in Capricorn and Venus flows through Virgo. Hard work will pay off! You just have to focus long enough for it to take shape. 


If you’re feeling creative, this is a month of beauty, Cancer. Take the time to explore your emotions, as your intuition may not be as strong as usual. Anger may be misplaced, sex may be clumsy, though the moon is settling in signs of love and pleasure on the 16th and the 31st. Allow yourself to move with the energies that be, good things will come!


October brings focus to your work life, as the Sun moves through Virgo. Be aware of your competitive nature – now is not the time to vie for attention as it may go awry! Your love life may increase in intensity but passion may be thwarted in unexpected ways. Don’t be disheartened! The month ends in a full moon in Taurus – get ready for a night of lazy and abundant pleasure. 


Venus settles in your sign, Virgo, allowing you to shine in your romantic and fiscal life. You will feel more attractive and comfortable in your own skin. Intimacy will take time and patience this month, as the Mars retrograde converges with Mercury retrograde, but patience comes easy to you, Virgo. Creativity will flow beautifully in the latter half of the month, so trust yourself! Your hard work is paying off!


Your season has come, Libra! Move carefully this month, as balance is precarious. Secrets are abundant and you may find yourself keeping more than usual. Intimacy may be interrupted or shrouded in secrecy this month, and you may find it harder to take charge. The new moon in Libra blooms on the 16th, and may show you the true colours of someone in your life. Think carefully before you cast your judgement, things are not what they seem this month. 


It is an intriguing month for you, dear Scorpio, as Mars’ retrograde sits in Aries and the Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, before the retrograde ends on the 28th. Your relationships need extra care this month, especially against the retrogrades. Love hangs on a precarious balance, and you need only to grab it. Similarly, a good financial opportunity beckons – but you are the one who must go to it. 


Work and family is your focus this month, as Capricorn sits in your home planet of Jupiter. While you may feel the urge to expand, and feel the contrapments of a strong routine, if you push through you will see the fruits of your labour at the end of the month. Communication may go awry, but you should be financially steady. If love is what you seek, then wait to the end of the month – Halloween brings a night of laid back revelry. 


Are you working hard, Capricorn? Your focus sits at work and home too, as Saturn, your home planet, circles Capricorn. Work hard at the start of the month and then let the month unfurl from a strong foundation – you of course know how much that can help. A craving for romance intensifies after the 24th, and as Venus enters Libra on the 27th, romance is in the air. Try to think less with your head!


While you may find this a difficult month in terms of philosophical pursuits, your day-to-day life will settle into a comfortable routine. A new romance will similarly descend into a peaceful relationship, with passion building as the month continues. Difficult secrets may come into light after the 22nd, and you may find financial matters unsteady. Think about what you want very carefully from the beginning of October to avoid unexpected pitfalls. 


You’ve had an interesting September, Pisces, and October offers a time for introspection. It may be the time to seek outside help for difficult emotional problems, as the Moon explodes in Aries on the first, showering big feelings around. It is also a good time to be creative, to express emotions on paper, especially as your home planet Neptune sits in your sign. Love will flourish after your period of internal work – and as the month closes you’ll be able to breathe a little easier.