Life beyond Trinity

Divyum Singhal explores the many different and distinct paths Trinity students take after leaving college

Trinity College, Dublin, with its eons-old history and enormous community, continues to be a catalyst for dreams, a canvas for aspirations, and a well of opportunities for a myriad of students. In this exploration of the lives of five Trinity alumni and students, I uncover the diverse roads they’ve gone down and the invaluable lessons Trinity has equipped them with for the real world.

Aditya Shrivastava: Navigating the Real-Life Open-World Game

Aditya’s journey began at Trinity as part of the international engineering program, but his time at the university was about more than just academics. For Aditya, Trinity was a place to build memories, friendships, and, of course, skills. “College gave me unforgettable memories,” he shared, “and I’m excited about the adventures ahead.” Graduating from Trinity, Aditya felt like he had entered a real-life open-world game. He plunged into the world of software development at SIG and then embarked on a stimulating adventure in Vietnam: “I dove into software development at SIG and then jet-setted to Vietnam, soaking in its rich culture – something I yearned for during those college days,” he recounted.

These were once distant dreams during his college years, but now beckon as exciting possibilities”

A true testament to his connection with Trinity, Aditya’s involvement with university societies continues even after graduation. As an alumnus, he remains an active member of the DJ Society, a thread that ties his present to his cherished college days. Aditya’s post-college plans glitter with ambitions – from globetrotting to DJ’ing and creating music. These were once distant dreams during his college years, but now beckon as exciting possibilities. “Something I really wanted to do during college but was broke and had no time,” he chuckled.

Aditya’s advice to TCD students is simple: “Don’t stress out too much, try to maintain a study-life balance, join societies, and go to the events & trips,” he advised, adding a light-hearted touch, “get drunk at the Pav at least once”. It’s a reminder that the holistic college experience encompasses both academic pursuits and the embrace of life’s vibrant moments.

Shannon McGreevy: Blending Science with Business Acumen

For Shannon McGreevy, a Trinity grad in Biochemistry, the academic journey extended beyond Trinity’s walls. She is pursuing a Master of Science in Management program at the University of Notre Dame, blending her passion for science with a newfound interest in business.

While Shannon’s post-college life brought excitement, it wasn’t devoid of hurdles. “Not having access to resources like counselling, college health, and the library is something that I didn’t realise I would miss so much,” she recounted. She felt like her Trinity-honed analytical and writing skills proved invaluable in her Master’s programme and subsequent job search in the world of Life Sciences Consulting, a path she hadn’t originally considered during her Trinity days.

Shannon’s advice to students echoes the importance of cherishing every moment and embracing one’s journey through college life. Whether a final-year student relishing campus camaraderie or a first-year student experimenting and avoiding academic pressure, Shannon highlights the importance of Trinity life.

Arvind Behl: Exploring the Intersections of Interests

Arvind, a third-year student at Trinity majoring in Economics & Sociology, embarked on a transformative internship journey at Bacardi India, diving deep into the complexities of the alcohol market. “My internship at Bacardi India was an eye-opener,” Arvind remarked, reflecting on the wealth of knowledge he acquired.

In Trinity, Arvind is not just dedicated to academics; he’s also involved in social rugby and has even initiated his own 5-a-side team with friends, named “Laszlo United”, in honour of the TCDSU President.

“Discover your unique selling point to not only find enjoyment in your work but also excel at it and turn it into a career”

Looking forward, Arvind plans to gain diverse work experience before pursuing an MBA. He emphasises the value of understanding different industries and roles through trial and error to discover one’s true calling. Trinity, Arvind attests, taught him invaluable life lessons about independence, scheduling, and the rewards of consistent hard work. His advice? “Discover your unique selling point to not only find enjoyment in your work but also excel at it and turn it into a career.”

Shane O’Donnell: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Practice

Shane, a third-year Electronic Engineering student, did a summer internship at Electricity Supply Board (ESB), where he worked on a blend of administrative tasks and hands-on, on-site responsibilities like laying high-voltage cables and selecting optimal equipment.

This internship turned out to be a pivotal moment for Shane, as it provided clarity in choosing his engineering discipline. Shane recommends internships to every student, as they can help find their niche and decide their career path.

As Shane considers life beyond college, he is considering pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering (MAI) with a job placement option, as well as other choices.

Shane advises students to remember that college is not high school and so we should take advantage of every opportunity to explore and learn. He believes that students should recognize the uniqueness of college life and carve one’s own path.

Neil Ryan: Bridging Science and Business

In his fourth year of studying Pharmacy, Neil embarked on a work placement at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, aiming to apply his pharmaceutical knowledge in a business context. His journey has been filled with challenges, from adapting to living alone during Covid times to transitioning to online classes.

Neil’s story highlights the adaptability and resilience that Trinity instilled in him. He describes college life as liberating, filled with abundant opportunities and resources. Neil believes Trinity’s vast array of societies, along with its liberating atmosphere, helped him fine-tune his interests and embrace the freedom of adulthood.

“You’re an adult now,” he reminds us, emphasising the importance of making friends, discovering passions, and embracing the transition into adulthood”

He encourages fellow students not to let stress and studies consume them entirely. “You’re an adult now,” he reminds us, emphasising the importance of making friends, discovering passions, and embracing the transition into adulthood.

Trinity alumni are evidence of the vast array of experiences and opportunities that Trinity offers. From software development to life sciences consulting, from MBAs to Pharmaceuticals, Trinity’s alumni and students have blossomed in various fields, armed with the skills and life lessons they acquired during their time at Trinity. Crafted by the pursuit of knowledge, inquisitiveness, and determined dedication to one’s interests, Trinity’s motto, “Perpetuis futuris temporibus,” echoes a timeless ode to a promising tomorrow. It is this sentiment that rings true through the individual experiences of Trinity’s students, whose journeys are only the start of an exciting voyage.