Christmas tree lighting postponed as provost reiterates pride in College community

In an email to students and staff, Doyle condemned last night’s “horrific attacks and the unacceptable scenes”

Provost Linda Doyle has announced that College’s Christmas tree lighting, scheduled to take place on Monday, has been postponed to a later date amid the uncertainty following last night’s riots.

In an email sent to students and staff, Doyle said no one “expected to witness the horrific attacks and the unacceptable scenes that unfolded in Dublin yesterday”.

“They were shocking and have no place in a democratic country,” she said.

Doyle expressed pride in the College community’s response to last night, as students coordinated spaces for non-residents to eat and sleep overnight and members of staff offered assistance.

“What I witnessed in the middle of all of this was the very best of Trinity, with students and staff coming together and helping each other.”

“It was great to see the Students’ Union, members of different societies, college residents, estates & facilities, security, sports and other students and staff, who found themselves on campus, all working together.”

Doyle expressed “huge thanks” to everyone who contributed to the collective response.

Doyle reminded students and staff “of the many supports College offers” and encouraged people to “please keep safe and look after one another”.

The provost added that College “has long been a force for progressive values in Irish society”, saying: “I want to recommit our university to the core principles of inclusion, welcome, diversity, equality, tolerance and respect.”

“At this uncertain time in society, our university will continue to stand firmly for these values.”

Earlier today Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) condemned the “disgusting behaviour of far-right rioters last night” and the “violent and hateful actions that occurred” in a statement.

TCDSU said the “weaponisation of a tragic event to justify xenophobia and the destruction of our city is unacceptable”. They have emphasised that “the Irish have had a culture of emigration for over a century and have made our homes across the world; there is an inherent hypocrisy in saying Ireland is full”.

Several College societies and publications have cancelled and postponed events today following the violent riots last night including TCD BDS, the College Historical Society (the Hist) and the Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT).

Doyle previously condemned the violence in Dublin last night, saying we must “ensure democracy in Ireland isn’t threatened in any way.”

Speaking to Trinity News outside the Graduate Memorial Building, she said: “It’s unbelievably shocking what’s happening. This is unacceptable in every way and just disgusting… violence has no place.”

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