The band of the hour: Azure

Diana Stokes speaks to band members on recalling their origins and seeking escapism through music

Most students avoid campus on the weekends like the plague. Going into the Arts Block on my day off from college may seem odd, but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to meet some of the lads from Azure. I met bassist Seán Woods and singer Sam Jones on the sixth floor before heading to a seminar room on the fifth. Now it was time for questions.

When asked how the band got together, Seán explained that the band has existed since 2017, alongside members Devin Hanson and Evanael on guitar. The band’s name has changed many times, but the current name, Azure, comes from the term azure de mare, or the blue of the sea, chosen because of the calming imagery that went with the name. They didn’t do much in terms of performance or recording until 2023 when they found both Sams online: Sam Jones for vocals and Sam Parcon for drums. Their first show was in Fibber Magees, with an unintentional tour following the release of their first two singles, “Leave it out” and “Getaway.”  

“It’s easy to see why they have nearly 9,000 streams on Spotify!”

Speaking of singles, when it came to the inspiration behind the two songs currently out, Seán stated that they wanted to create a fast, catchy song; thus, “Leave it out” was made. With lyrics speaking to the sentiment of feeling over a relationship and wanting to escape, paired with vocals akin to Pearl Jam and a truly catchy guitar line, it’s easy to see why they have nearly 9,000 streams on Spotify! “Getaway” invokes a similar escapist sentiment, though it is even more upbeat regarding riffs. The vibes are arguably The Strokes-esque and certainly destined for someone’s summer playlist.  

If this has sparked your interest, you’ll be glad to hear that their EP, Casa Del Dáil, is coming out on April 5, and a gig will follow soon after on April 8 at Anseo. The band’s Instagram is @azureband, and they’re determined to have more gigs for the rest of the year, so make sure to follow this account and keep up so you don’t miss out.