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The band of the hour: Azure

Diana Stokes speaks to band members on recalling their origins and seeking escapism through music

Most students avoid campus on the weekends like the plague. Going into the Arts Block on my day off from college may seem odd, but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to meet some of the lads from

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The band of the hour: Binmen

Diana Stokes reviews Binmen’s recent performance at Sin é

There’s no easy way to introduce the band that is Binmen. They’re a unique powerhouse consisting of four members, two of whom are recent Trinity graduates! With Ryan McDonald on vocals, Tadhg Byrne on bass, Seb Wong-Cotter on drums, and

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Daddy of democracy’s home

Diana Stokes reviews Xnthony LTD production Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry

It’s a typical Tuesday night out with the lads. Four people walk onto the glowing red Project Arts Centre stage, dressed in cut up Adidas trackies and camouflage. They’re all carrying shovels and singing a hymn-like song about the 800-year

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How girls steal the moon

Diana Stokes names the three Trinity bands that should be on your radar

Immersed within the darkness of Bello Bar’s basement, three bands took to the stage for a night of longing ballads, funky tunes, and some amazing drum solos. The first two bands, Burglar and Evie, were alternative folk-pop inspired bands. They

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A shining star in the night

Diana Stokes reviews Dublin’s Fringe Festival’s Stars

“All stars are unique,” says actor Hannah Mamalis in a Shakespearean-style monologue during the faux-serious introduction to Stars, Dublin Fringe’s extraordinary comedy show. This comes after a conversation with one of the show’s many unhinged characters: a Sopranos-esque Italian American

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Fringing Theatrical Bets

Diana Stokes and JJ Tuite discuss their top picks for the upcoming Dublin Fringe Festival


Since its founding in 1995, the Dublin Fringe Festival has sought to highlight the immense creativity of Dublin’s independent artists through a month-long festival demonstrating their capabilities. From interactive art exhibitions highlighting the best of Dublin’s independent artists through their