Research roundup – March

A review of the latest scientific discoveries

Technology: New smartphone app can monitor blood pressure

Researchers at Michigan State University and the University of Maryland have developed a smartphone attachment which can monitor blood pressure. In the world we live in today, heart disease and risk of


Research roundup

A look at the most exciting scientific discoveries and news of the past month

Genetic analysis reveals social interactions between Neanderthals and early Modern Humans

Neanderthals are the closest genetic ancestor to early modern humans (homo sapiens) and are studied to understand more about the ancestral history of early modern humans. Studying


Research round-up

Kevin Agnew takes a look at some of the most exciting scientific research of the last week

Organic chemists complete a total synthesis of potential anti-cancer molecule Bryostatin 1

In the search for molecules with potential anti-cancer properties, scientists have often turned to natural sources to find good leads. One such natural source was a marine creature


Research Round-Up: September

An outline of some of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs of the last two weeks.

Organic chemists discover a new method to selectively make cis carbon-fluorine bonds

The primary concern of organic chemists is to make molecules of socio-economic benefit, such as polymers, medicines and agrochemicals. To this end, many organic chemists interest themselves in