Society spotlight: DU Photography Association

Maeve Harris shines a light on a society that is worth a thousand words

Founded in 1948, Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) is a society worth a thousand words. What began as “quite a niche society”, according to Vicky Salganik, DUPA Travel Officer, “with a predominantly male committee”, has transformed into one largely run

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Creatives in Trinity: Trophy Wife on inspiration and “big ass emotions”

Ruby Smyth, the creative behind artist Trophy Wife, discusses music production, her upcoming EP and Whitney Houston

Quarantine day 4,725 and interviews, for whatever reason, are still not deemed “essential”. Thus, I endeavored to virtually communicate with Trinity musician Trophy Wife.

Fourth year English student Ruby Smyth has graced the cultural scene since she took her first

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Aisling Duffy Designs on sustainability and identity

Irish designer Aisling Duffy talks sustainability, identity and cultivating your own independent label in an industry dominated by fast fashion

Walking into Dublin Barista School, I grab a coffee for Duffy and myself. Duffy, true to form, provides her reusable cup while I, tail between my legs, opt for the compostable paper vessels provided by the coffee shop. Her eclectic

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Dublin International Film Festival shines a spotlight on female directors

Hitting the city at the end of the month, the Festival promises a celebration of Irish and female filmmakers

The Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) is back – this time, with the desire to highlight female directors and women in the film industry. Though the festival prides itself on inclusivity in all regards, the fete aims to draw a

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Moving: the new Trinity publication rooted in creative response

Co-Founders Grace Farrell and Ellie O’Neill spoke to Trinity News about their new prompt-based publication and the space they want to create

In light of Trinity Publications’ grant applications in pursuit of new, innovative and versatile platforms, Senior Sophister English Studies students Grace Farrell and Ellie O’Neill sought to create “[their] own thing from nothing.” From here, a uniquely multiform and response-based

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Is Dublin a city exclusively for tourists?

Maeve Harris explores the intricacies of Dublin’s prioritization of tourists, how it affects the city’s arts and culture scene, and what it means for the city’s future

It’s 2019 and two things are still, regrettably, on the menu: climate change and tourism in Ireland. Of course, the Irish economy heavily relies on the influx of sightseers touring the emerald isle during the summer months, often spilling into

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A Christmas job — worth it or not?

Weighing up the pros and cons of working throughout Christmas

As we enter December and journey closer to Christmas, any cash we can scrape together must be used for something other than buying cans and tobacco. Whether your course has dragged you into yet another Secret Santa exchange or you