Architect of Berkeley Library, Richard Burton, dies aged 83

Burton won the prize to design the library with two fellow students in 1960


Richard Burton, who co-founded ABK Architects after winning a prize to design the Berkeley Library as a student, has died aged 83.

Burton was born in London in 1933, qualifying as an architect at the Architectural Association. With two of


“Unspeakable paragraphs and varsity punctuation”: When Samuel Beckett wrote for Trinity News

The short fiction From an Abandoned Work was originally published in these pages, however Beckett castigated the edit it received from Trinity News’ editorial staff. Tadgh Healy spoke with Danae Stanford who – as an editorial team member of the third volume of Trinity News in 1956 – had persuaded Beckett to publish in the young newspaper of his alma mater

FEATURESIn 1956, Samuel Beckett was at the height of his powers and on the cusp of worldwide notoriety. The last of his trilogy of novels, L’Innommable (The Unnamable), was published in 1953 and En Attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot)

TAF 2016: I Used To Live Here screening

This Irish drama holds a special connection to Trinity, with IFTA nominated lead actress Jordanne Jones incidentally being the daughter of TCDSU president Lynn Ruane

The 2015 film I Used to Live Here was screened on the second day of Trinity Arts Festival, followed by a Q&A with director Frank Berry. Seen through the eyes of two young teenagers, the film captures the effects of …


Deconstructing Disneyland

Meet the students from Notre Dame who balance their studies with placements in Dublin’s marginalised communities


Fighting Words is a creative writing initiative based close to Croke Park, and co-founded by Roddy Doyle. Run by volunteers, it gives primary school children the opportunity to write stories of their own. Shortly after Chinese New Year, Maggie Blake,


SU joins movement against ban on MSM blood donation.

After passing a motion at December’s SU Council, Samuel Riggs sets out Trinity’s campaign against the outright ban on gay men donating blood in Ireland.


May 2015 is remembered by many as the month Ireland granted equal citizenship to all its citizens regardless of their sexuality. At Dublin Castle, rainbow flags were raised aloft as the institution of marriage was opened to all men and …


A Brief History of The Lad Bible

The Lad Bible is more popular than the BBC, The Irish Times and Instagram. Tadgh Healy explores the reasons behind its rise and examines the problems associated with its widening scope.


Mark Zuckerberg recently renounced Facebook’s famous motto “move fast and break things” which it is said once plastered their office walls. Facebook’s early philosophy was a fearless willingness to make mistakes. It needed to be brave, innovative, and above all


Matrimony and Academia

Trinity researchers Dr. Ann Devitt and Dr. Gareth Bennett both received Fulbright awards this summer. They also happen to be married.

FEATURES“We didn’t expect to get it. It’s unusual the Fulbright is awarded to a couple.” Dr. Gareth Bennett is quite right. At a ceremony in Iveagh House, Dr. Ann Devitt, and her husband Bennett, recently became the first married couple


Who Must Fall?

Tadgh Healy asks which of the statues on campus does not deserve its position.

FEATURESIn April, student protesters at the University of Cape Town (UCT) successfully brought down a statue of the colonialist Cecil Rhodes. The statue used to stand in prime position at the entrance to the campus with the imposing Devil’s Peak …


UNHCR welcomes Irish government response to refugee crisis

The UNHCR also commended the “incredible” work of the Irish Navy over many months in rescuing those attempting to cross the Mediterranean

NEWSThe United Nations’ refugee agency (UNHCR) has welcomed the efforts of the Irish government to tackle the European refugee crisis, despite, they argue, there being no political obligation to do so.

Speaking to Trinity News, Jody Clarke, an associate at …


Escaping a broken health system

Trinity medics outline their reasons for emigrating and react to talk of plans to make them stay.

indepthBANNERA recent NUI Galway study of medical students in Ireland found that 88% of respondents were considering pursuing their professional career overseas following graduation. Of course, soon after the study was published, the headline “9 in 10 medical students may …