White people shouldn’t have all the answers

A past volunteer’s critique and defence of short-term volunteering in the Global South

We grow up being encouraged to help those less fortunate than we are. We should “help those who cannot help themselves”. This seems like a mantra that can only be admirable. Most of us have contributed towards charitable efforts in


Give back, get back

Easy, enjoyable ways to volunteer with college societies

Getting involved with societies is integral to many students’ college life, however, for many of us, the thought of having to commit extra hours to clubs and societies, on top of our already hectic schedules, is one we really don’t …

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Alternative ways to get to Electric Picnic

Whether it’s volunteering, training in First Aid or using your connections, a ticket isn’t the only way into Ireland’s most popular music festival.

With the tickets selling out in five minutes and costing a hefty €240, it’s no surprise that many have found themselves short of a pass to Ireland’s biggest music festival. But fear not, for, in the words of my guidance


A place they call home

Dermot O’Riordain details his experience volunteering full-time with the Simon Community Rough Sleeper team in Dublin


“Everything he owned was there and burned with it. He watched, helpless, as it burned, and all he could hear was the teenagers laughing.”

A couple of weeks ago, one of our clients had his tent set on fire by


Deconstructing Disneyland

Meet the students from Notre Dame who balance their studies with placements in Dublin’s marginalised communities


Fighting Words is a creative writing initiative based close to Croke Park, and co-founded by Roddy Doyle. Run by volunteers, it gives primary school children the opportunity to write stories of their own. Shortly after Chinese New Year, Maggie Blake,