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“We don’t get to have one month of Black Lives Matter and leave it there”

Claire Stalhuth speaks to Activist Amanda Ade on unity and the black Irish identity

It’s been 149 days since the murder of George Floyd. There have been protests, uncomfortable conversations, re-evaluations of institutions. Companies and universities have put out press releases, promises have been made. And yet with the hope, progress, and pain this


The necessity of Black Studies

An Interview with Dr. Ebun Joseph on Ireland’s first Black Studies module

In their 2019 Action Plan, the Irish Department of Education proclaimed: “We want an education and training system which empowers learners to be confident in their national, cultural and individual identity.” However, in the history of Ireland’s third level

Arts & Culture

Dublin flea markets: Beyond the bric-a-brac

The issue of art, culture, and real estate in Dublin isn’t limited to, but rather exemplified by the issue of the city’s flea markets, writes Claire Stalhuth

When starting this article, I had planned to reference the Robert Pinsky poem ‘Antique’, explore the human desire to nest in our conspicuous consumption tchotchkes and relics, finagle a pithy reference to the German Kunstkammer; maybe throw in a bit