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Baby we’re the new romantics

Eimear Feeney discusses how you can live by the British Romantic principle of the sublime as a Trinity student

Wordsworth famously stated that poetry was a “spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion”. Taylor Swift famously stated, “Heartbreak is the national anthem / we sing it proudly.” Whether you love or hate the Romantic poets and Swift, you cannot deny that

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How to avoid academic bibliophobia? Discussing the terminal effects of academic reading on a book nerds psyche

Eimear Feeney discusses the stresses of academic reading and how it can affect a genuine love for reading

Finals are approaching and it is the universal student experience to feel agitated over the amount of assignments that keep piling up. It can be even more difficult if you are running away from an activity you used to enjoy,

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100 years in Galway

Eimear Feeney explores the magic of the West in the traditional landscape of Galway city

Summer is over (tragically), and Autumn is rising from the ashes. Everyone loves the autumnal aesthetic that brings warm and luscious coffee, turtlenecks, scented candles, books, and falling crimson leaves to mind. Within this cosy setting, we return to our

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100 years in Gdańsk, Poland

Eimear Feeney details how Gdańsk’s history informs the pulsing cultural scene

After spending most of your summer pushing yourself to work busy night shifts, a holiday is necessary before starting a new college year. Let me invite you onto the picturesque streets of Gdańsk, Poland. Yet in your enjoyment of the


13 Trinity researchers among first 26 projects selected for funding from €65 million National Challenge Fund

Selected projects aim to tackle decarbonization in the aviation industry, hydropower energy storage and improving thermal management in electric vehicles

13 Trinity researchers across eight teams are among the first of those selected for the €65 million National Challenge Fund.

Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris yesterday announced the first 26 teams chosen to …