€40m a year extra needed for Trinity to be sustainable says Chief Financial Officer

Ian Mathews made the remarks at a GSU town hall meeting to discuss the proposed 5% fee increase

Trinity’s Graduate Students Union (GSU) this afternoon held a town hall meeting to further discuss the proposed increase in postgraduate fees. The College Finance Committee approved a 5% increase in postgraduate and non-EU undergraduate fees, beginning in the 2018/19 academic


Q Soc criticises LGBTRO SU Officer at SU Council

Secretary of Q Soc Hiram Harrington made the remarks at Council this evening

A member of Trinity’s Q Soc has criticised the LGBT Rights Officer of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Noah O’Brien.

Speaking on behalf of Q Soc, Secretary Hiram Harrington told Noah O’Brien that they had not been “working effectively”


Doping of a different kind

Rory O’Neill explores how the emergence of mega-rich owners has forever altered football’s financial landscape

Arsene Wenger described the economic imbalance in European football as “financial doping”. This imbalance operates on a number of levels. There is and has been for a considerable time, a top tier of European clubs with financial spending power that


George Hook and his comments have no place on the airwaves

Rather than with Hook and his ilk, our sympathies lie with those he has offended.

At time of writing, George Hook has been suspended from Newstalk with immediate effect, following the furore surrounding his now infamous comments on rape earlier this month. Most will now be familiar with what he said. The substance of Hook’s


Corbyn offers a new path to success for the Left

The growth in Labour’s support, with a proudly left-wing manifesto, is important. It has disproven the consensus that to win, you have to move to the centre.

The narrative of last week’s British election result – one of Corbyn and Labour confounding expectations to a degree no one expected – has already been well documented. But it is worth restating briefly the scale of the achievement: Labour


Women’s liberation should embrace striking

Rory O’Neill argues that feminist movements should strike to achieve social change

Over one hundred years ago, one of history’s greatest revolutionary women, Rosa Luxemburg, wrote on the significance of the mass strike. Luxemburg’s attempt was among the first to examine, rigorously and in depth, the role of the strike in the