It’s never too late to start university: meet the Trinity Mature Student Society

Ruby Topalian speaks to the Trinity Mature Student Society about how they support mature students in college.

Society often conditions us to follow a set path. Normally, that path looks something like secondary school, college, marriage, kids, and retirement. However, the reality is that life is never this linear. Even if you are one of many who


Women should not be shamed for using disposable period products

Environmentalism is critical to our future but it should not come at the cost of guilt tripping women about their personal choice of period products

After a long day of lectures, library work and societies, I often find myself sitting in the arts building, looking out over Nassau street as the sun sets and processing the chaos of the day that just ensued. Naturally, as


Analysis: 26 candidates running in Trinity Hall JCR elections

Manifesto promises focus on sustainability, community, and easing the transition to college

26 candidates are running in Trinity Hall JCR elections, with 11 positions up for grabs.

Candidates’ manifestos focus on issues of sustainability, community, and easing Freshers’ transition to college life. Here’s what Halls residents need to know about the candidates.…


UT Race: Clara Roche believes she has “the passion and the vision” to run the University Times

In an interview with Trinity News, Roche spoke her plan to improve accountability and accessibility, create a board of advisors and foster a “collaborative work environment”  

Clara Roche is a fourth year history and politics student and has been involved in the University Times (UT) since her very first days on-campus. As a first year Roche was a contributing writer, then in her second she became


Sleep deprivation, climate change, and well-regulated militias?

The Hist and TWIL debaters go head-to-head over the motion: “This House Would Choose to Have Children”

It is a widely accepted fact that having children is no easy feat. Yet, so many people feel obliged to have them even if they know they won’t be good parents. There are environmental, economic, psychological, and emotional reasons to


Trinity Impact Series 1: From DU Food & Drink Fanatic to Ireland’s ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’

Ruby Topalian speaks with Trinity Alum JR Ryall on his culinary journey

Most individuals who decide to become pastry chefs might attend culinary school. Others might embark on the gruelling journey of starting off in a kitchen with no prior education and working their way up, never stepping foot on a college


GMB transforms into an artistic wonderland for Trinity Arts Festival’s takeover

Ruby Topalian takes a journey through the GMB to explore how TAF and its collaborators interpreted this year’s enthralling theme, The Hours Before Dawn

On most days, the Trinity Graduates Memorial Building, or GMB, is taken over by all things Phil and Hist. These debating societies, quintessential to the Trinity experience, operate out of this building year-around and have stamped it as a hub