The #BloodForAll campaign is laudable, but we must push even further

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service’s rules are discriminatory against a number of marginalised groups, and any political action must be representative of this

In June this year, for the first time since the 1990s, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) imported 115 units of blood from the NHS due to a shortage of home-donated blood. When this was reported, people took to Twitter


Limerick students staying in hotels due to lack of traditional accommodation

Mary Immaculate College Students’ Union has made an arrangement with hotels to provide students with accommodation

As students return to campus across the country for the first time in 18 months, many have struggled to find housing. 

In Limerick, a number of students are currently staying in hotel rooms, as they cannot find alternative accommodation, RTE


Serious Zoom anxiety is hurting students’ ability to learn

High expectations for students to verbally contribute and have their camera on over Zoom can stimulate anxiety in just about anyone

While anxiety has been a problem affecting students forever, it has only been exacerbated by the trials of Zoom learning. There is a whole host of people who are experiencing social anxiety for the first time in lectures, seminars, and


The final hustings of the campaign season solidified expectations

Most candidates took a final opportunity to differentiate themselves from the pack at Halls hustings, but some questions could have been replaced by more pressing concerns, writes Sophie Furlong Tighe

The word “furthermore” was a recurring theme of the JCR’s Halls Hustings. The Halls specific questions from Halls were notably challenging, often containing two or three questions within them. In a phenomenon which is either a symptom of candidates’ responses


No power in this union

The misinformation and low turnout surrounding the SU referendum is emblematic of deeper problems within the union

The recent so-called “omnibus” student union referendum was significantly more complex than was presented to us. Originally branded as a vote to fix typos within the constitution – though it remains viscerally unclear why the union’s constitution ever had so


The government has a moral obligation to fully restore the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Between the high cost of living in Ireland, and the impossibility of means testing PUP without those in need slipping through the cracks, the payment must be fully restored

Covid-19 has left over 125,000 people in Ireland jobless, the highest rate of unemployment we have seen in years. With the necessary close of businesses, there are people from all industries across the nation who have been made temporarily or


The rise of the far right in Ireland must be urgently resisted

Dangerous far right ideologies hide beneath calls for freedom at Dublin’s Yellow Vest Ireland rally.

Tensions following the government lockdown restrictions came to a head on August 22, with a rally on Custom House Quay organised by Yellow Vest Ireland. The demonstration stretched across the quay, with reports of hundreds in attendance but from photos,


Echo chambers and privilege

Debating remains an exercise in thought

Entering the GMB chamber as a first-time debate goer can be a terrifying experience. A committee of suit-wearing, wine-swilling students sit in the centre of the room, going through the confusing motions of “private business”, “public business”, and “oratory returns”.