Violence against women is an epidemic, and no one knows where the cure is

Investment in policing will not solve violence against women, but neither will politely asking it to go away.

It feels completely insurmountable, doesn’t it? I forgot to eat all day, I stayed in bed longer than I should have. I don’t really think I’m going to be murdered, because I see myself as the exception to most rules;

Photo by Beatrice Pistola for Trinity News

Sunday Longread: USI’s Fuck the Fees campaign was doomed by design

The USI have been campaigning on the same issue for a decade, what’s different this year?

On Tuesday, November 23, Trinity College Dublin Student Union (TCDSU) joined the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) in a “Fuck the Fees” protest – a three-day collaborative effort with universities across Ireland to try and do something about the


The Irish Times’ transphobia must be resisted by students

The referendum presents an invaluable opportunity for students to use their power to support trans rights

There is an Irish Times advertisement outside the business building of Trinity College that shows a picture of a bomb going off, with the bolded, capitalised text “expect opinions that will challenge you.” Walking past this sign, shortly after reading

Protest Dining Hall

The Students’ Union should be working for students, not for College

Recent Students4Change action has exposed the inadequacies of the union’s response to College’s re-opening

Once again, students have found themselves in the familiar space of giving out about College’s opening. Trinity’s inadequacy and lack of communication seems to come like clockwork every August, with Covid only exacerbating this problem. 

The return to campus was


College has a moral responsibility to abolish the scholarship exams

Schols operates as little more than a reproduction of privilege and elitism

The scholarship exams (or schols) in College occupy an unusual place in the campus imagination: often glorified as the hardest examinations students can take, they occupy a symbolic function as much as a material one. However, given the material rewards


Protest over College’s failure to divest from fossil fuel industry in Front Square

The protest was organised by Fossil Free TCD and the SEC Initiative in response to College’s ongoing investments into fossil fuel companies

Today at noon, a protest was held in response to College’s ongoing investments into the fossil fuel industry in Front Square. 

The protest was organised by two student organisations, Fossil Free Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Systemic Environmental Correct


The #BloodForAll campaign is laudable, but we must push even further

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service’s rules are discriminatory against a number of marginalised groups, and any political action must be representative of this

In June this year, for the first time since the 1990s, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) imported 115 units of blood from the NHS due to a shortage of home-donated blood. When this was reported, people took to Twitter


Limerick students staying in hotels due to lack of traditional accommodation

Mary Immaculate College Students’ Union has made an arrangement with hotels to provide students with accommodation

As students return to campus across the country for the first time in 18 months, many have struggled to find housing. 

In Limerick, a number of students are currently staying in hotel rooms, as they cannot find alternative accommodation, RTE