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Cuisine Spotlight: Putting Panama on a plate

Shreya Padmanabhan takes a culinary journey through Panama with fellow classmate Mariale Landecho

Latin American cuisine is experiencing a surge in popularity in Dublin. This is largely due to growing interest in global gastronomy, the appeal of vibrant flavours, and the growing population of Latin American immigrants in Dublin. While Brazilian & Mexican


Inside the hidden world of postgrads: A look into Trinity’s 1937 Postgraduate Reading Room

Among the many beautiful buildings on campus, perhaps the most overlooked of all is also one of the most culturally significant: the 1937 Postgraduate Reading Room

Trinity College is home to numerous architectural marvels, each with its own story and charm. Nestled between the Examination Hall and the Old Library, one particular gem often remains unnoticed by the bustling undergraduate crowd. Marked discreetly by the keystone

Food & Drink

Love on the Menu

Shreya Padmanabhan examines the interconnection of love and gastronomy

Food and love are the two most fundamental aspects of human existence. From the earliest days of our species, gathering around a meal has been a ritual of connection and communion, a way to nourish not just our bodies, but