This House Does Not Regret Going to Law Society’s Comedy Debate

A combination of self-deprecating humour and a slandering of online millennial culture provided the basis for the speakers’ hilarious and even thought-provoking speeches

‘’Millennials only like hashtags because they look like potato waffles’’ – the line that launched the flurried removal of mobiles from pockets to tweet and check in at LawSoc’s Comedy debate in the GMB Chamber on Tuesday.

With law professor …

In the GMB, druids explain their beliefs and connections to the wider world

Luke is a gardener and Eimear is a counsellor. Both are druids, and spoke to a packed and curious audience at the Theo


It’s the time of year which sees the daylight hours become shorter and shorter as we count down to the Spring. For most people, more time spent indoors and an extra layer of clothing is the hallmark of the season.