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The Beacon review: Where art and life converge

Nancy Harris’s new play delves into matters of interpretation, moral hypocrisies and defying dichotomies, writes Grace Farrell

Upon first look at Francis O’Connor’s set gracing the stage of the Gate Theatre, I immediately understood what I’d just read in the program seconds before: that this mise-en-scène is in its own right a “play”. The sitting room is

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MÁM Review: It’s not a funeral, it’s a celebration of life

After a triumph with Swan Lake/Loch na hEala, Michael Keegan-Dolan and Teaċ Daṁsa return with a new modern myth

The star performer, Ellie Poirier-Dolan, deserves congratulation for her masterful opening of a Tayto packet at the beginning of the show. Using the air in the bag, she skillfully opens it with a resounding ‘pop’. A difficult task — especially