Who fears to speak of a United Ireland?

Liam Cowley argues that a discussion of Ireland’s reunification does not begin at the level of “high politics”, nor should it do so

With the news that a preferendum on the SU’s stance on a united Ireland is on the way, it is important that the Trinity student community makes the right decision; that we stand on the right side of history and


Don’t blame bus drivers for this month’s strikes

Irish media elites have been trying to stoke up cheap, unjustified resentment towards striking bus drivers. Don’t fall for it.

comment1The absence of buses throughout the country was undoubtedly a cause of frustration and annoyance for many commuters on Friday and Saturday. National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) and SIPTU-affiliated employees of Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann undertook a 48-hour …


What does the result of the water charges referendum say about Trinity students?

Despite a misleading campaign by the ‘No’ side, an encouraging number of Trinity students saw the need to challenge the injustice represented by the water charges.

2,110 students, out of a valid poll of 4,619, voted in support of the call for the SU to campaign against water charges two weeks ago. The ‘Yes’ side was 5% short of a majority. Considering the lack of debate …


Why students should vote Yes in TCDSU water charges referendum

Liam Cowley urges students to vote ‘Yes’ in this week’s water charges referendum, which would mandate the TCD SU to campaign for the abolition of water charges.

comment1This week, students are being given the opportunity to join the grassroots campaign gathering momentum across Ireland. Rejection of water charges as another austerity measure has mobilised citizens across the state. People’s self-empowerment is being realised, from remote rural areas