Water is not free

It is unreasonable to demand an unsustainable level of public services without paying for it. The water protests are a perfect example of this immaturity.

Over the last few months we have seen massive public indignation over the introduction of the water charge. Although it has subdued since it zenith, protests still go on coupled with promises of non-payment.

The idea that water is free …


Pro-water charges campaign did not mislead students

The campaign manager for the no side in the recent TCDSU referendum on water charges responds to criticism of his campaign.

comment1In a Trinity News article on the SU water charges referendum published this week, Liam Cowley forgot to mention one salient point: 54% of students in Trinity voted against the union campaigning for their abolition. This contradicts the argument made


What does the result of the water charges referendum say about Trinity students?

Despite a misleading campaign by the ‘No’ side, an encouraging number of Trinity students saw the need to challenge the injustice represented by the water charges.

2,110 students, out of a valid poll of 4,619, voted in support of the call for the SU to campaign against water charges two weeks ago. The ‘Yes’ side was 5% short of a majority. Considering the lack of debate …


Why students should vote Yes in TCDSU water charges referendum

Liam Cowley urges students to vote ‘Yes’ in this week’s water charges referendum, which would mandate the TCD SU to campaign for the abolition of water charges.

comment1This week, students are being given the opportunity to join the grassroots campaign gathering momentum across Ireland. Rejection of water charges as another austerity measure has mobilised citizens across the state. People’s self-empowerment is being realised, from remote rural areas