Inaugural “Blockchain for Good Hackathon” hosted in Dublin’s docklands

The goal was to discover a method in which the blockchain peer-to-peer network could be re-engineered to serve a broader humanitarian purpose

Traditional notions of the uses of blockchain technology were put to the test last week at the first annual Blockchain for Good Hackathon” hosted by the Linux Foundation and Accenture. The hackathon occurred over two days at Accenture’s


Trinity researchers explore “superpower” nanomaterials

Professor Valeria Nicolosi is one of the leading researchers in 2D materials in CRANN, the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices

Graphite, most commonly found in pencils, is something that at first may appear uninteresting to us. It’s grey, brittle and difficult to write with at times. In 2004 however, two scientists, who were curious about the layered properties of graphite

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HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY: the new exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin

Artificial intelligence and the human imagination come together at the Science Gallery’s latest exhibition, providing insight into how the world may be affected as technology continues to advance

trinity-lifeHUMANS NEED NOT APPLY (HNNA), the spring exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, was launched on Friday, February 10. Now open to the public, this exciting exhibition will run until the end of May. Being both free of charge and located