UCD cancels sexual consent classes after just 20 students attend

The classes were first announced last February as part of the university’s #NotAskingForIt campaign


University College Dublin (UCD) has cancelled its sexual consent classes after just 20 students attend. The classes were run by the UCD Students’ Union (UCDSU) during their second term last year and first term this year costing UCDSU €1,800 to


New figures released show class divide in third level education

The number of grant recipients is higher in regional institutes of technology than in Dublin universities


New figures on grant recipients in higher education institutions have been released showing the class divide between universities and institutes of technology (ITs). Over 50% of students in all institutes of technology around the country receive grant support.

School-leavers that


Trinity scientists uncover new information about Baltic hunter-gatherers

The team discovered that Baltic hunter-gatherers were never overwhelmed by migration


A research team led by Trinity scientists have published a study outlining their findings on hunter-gatherer populations in the Baltic states. While it was previously assumed that the Baltic hunter-gather population of the Neolithic period interbred with and was subsequently


Trinity researchers discover “strong genetic lineage” between Stone Age and modern East Asia populations

The team was made up of researchers from Trinity, the University of Cambridge and University College Dublin


Trinity researchers have found that the genetic makeup of modern East Asians closely resembles that of their hunter-gatherer ancestors due to little genetic disruption in East Asian populations since the early Neolithic period.

“Genetically speaking, the populations across northern East


Trinity College has collected €950,000 in student fines

Statistics collected since 2012, making Trinity the highest fine collector out of the Irish College network


Trinity College (TCD) has generated almost 950,000 since 2012 from fining students. These were comprised of late library returns, breaches of codes of conduct, late payment of fees, late registration for modules, parking violations and on-campus accommodation.

Late library


Students launch new TEDx society

Six Senior Freshman students have received “auxiliary status” by the CSC


Senior freshman students have founded a new TEDx society. Richard Patrick Chui, Henri Delahaye, Ross Kelly, Connie Lillis and Francisco Onofre have been granted “auxiliary status” by the Central Societies Committee (CSC) to hold a weekend event in the latter …


Why the Yes to USI campaign failed

Former auditor of the L&H Eoin MacLachlan outlines why UCD students chose to remain disaffiliated from the Union of Students in Ireland

COMMENTThe rejection of USI by UCD students was primarily due to a rushed and ineffective Yes to USI campaign, a product of hubris and ineptitude. Announced only two weeks prior to the UCDSU elections, they were arrogant in thinking that


Trinity overcome UCD in hard fought colours encounter

Trinity men bagged their first win over rivals UCD in six attempts in a game that was in the balance for large periods. Trinity always seemed the stronger team, eventually coming out on top in a 28-15 victory.

SPORTThe DUFC men emerged victorious after a ferocious battle with UCD in the 64th annual colours match on Wednesday night. While it was nip and tuck for much of the contest, Trinity were clinical towards the end, halting any hopes …


USI and SIPTU team up for workers’ rights campaign

The two unions visited NUIG, Athlone IT and LSAD this week to petition for the introduction of a living wage as part of a broader campaign on improving awareness of employee rights.

USI are campaigning in partnership with SIPTU for a living wage of €11.45 per hour to be introduced by the next government. USI claims that raising the minimum wage accordingly will “reduce poverty, boost local economies and ensure an inclusive