In defence of Emma Watson’s UN speech

Orla McGinnity argues that the struggle for gender equality must not be a “battle of the sexes”

Educated to emigrate

Tom Healy discusses the problems that persist around youth employment and emigration

Whose feminism is it anyway?

In the aftermath of Emma Watson’s UN speech, Sally Rooney examines the soundbites about “man-hating”.

Misremembering a pointless war

Neil Warner challenges those who seek to paint the First World War as a noble conflict

Bridging the arts and sciences divide

Ryan Connolly suggests that the gap that separates the two cultures is not as broad as it might seem

Urban Outrage: should we feed the troll?

Naoise Dolan asks why Urban Outfitters are being deliberately offensive and what we should do about it.

Why I’m proud of my Che Guevara T-shirt

William Foley castigates the critics of Che Guevara merchandise

A different form of nationalism?

John Porter examines the Scottish separatist movement in the context of other nationalist groups

Music in the age of Spotify: power to the consumer

At a recent promotion for the astronomically priced “Beats” by Dre, the grubby pop sensation Ed Sheeran spoke on how the Internet ‘changed the game’ and transformed the way in which the world consumes music: “The internet has made music more disposable. When I started buying records, just before the internet was big, I got […]

‘Don’t want your selfies leaked? Then don’t take them’

In the wake of the latest celebrity nude selfie leak, internet sages have been quick to dish up an age-old nugget of wisdom: “Don’t want your nude selfies leaked? Then don’t take them”. After all, let’s remember that a woman’s body doesn’t belong to her in the sense that she permanently gets to control who sees […]


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