Editorial: The Trinity News Constitution: no elected position should be non-removable

Last week, Trinity News voted on its first constitution, passing with a 100% majority

As of last week, Trinity News has passed its first constitution, which outlines the rules and regulations for staff. Staff outlined in the constitution refers to editorial staff: our copyeditors, section staff, multimedia staff, senior staff and the editor themselves

Editorial: Ireland is not full, it’s derelict

The #IrelandIsFull movement is nothing more than a xenophobic excuse to blame poor housing policy on migrants and refugees.

For the past two weeks, the Irish media has detailed the shortage of accommodation for refugees arriving in Ireland. This shortage problem is about to get significantly worse as there are currently 365 hotels in Ireland whose contracts to house

Editorial: Welcome to our Sex Issue

From our staff, welcome to our sex issue

Trinity News is currently in its’ 69th volume, and we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate this. This issue of Trinity News, issue 3, is our sex issue. We have compiled over 40 articles in this issue discussing all things

Editorial: The solidarity we’ve shown the Ukrainian people must be extended across the globe

Recent support has been incredible, but where has it been when so many others needed it?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has, rightly, been met with almost universal condemnation. Countries across Europe and the world, including Ireland, welcomed Ukrainian refugees with open arms, correctly identifying it as an unassailable moral obligation. Ukrainian refugees in Ireland have …

Editorial: The Department’s reporting of its survey on sexual violence was irresponsible

Declaring “most students feel safe” when nearly a third of female students experienced rape was irresponsible, and unfair to those who participated in the survey

This article contains discussion of sexual harassment, violence and rape. 

Earlier this week, the Department of Higher and Further Education published the findings of their survey on sexual violence and harassment in third level education. This report contained some highly …

Editorial: World leaders do not care about climate change, and we’re out of time

COP26 was the final proof, if it was needed, that politicians cannot and will not save us

The 26th annual meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, usually referred to as COP26, concludes today (November 12). As the 118 private jets that gathered in Glasgow for the meeting …