Trinity students struggle to find accommodation among scams

  As many students resume or begin third-level education courses in the upcoming weeks, the continuous struggle to find adequate accommodation for the academic year has been compounded with reports of accommodation scams.   For the Kershaw family from Cork their daughter, Charlotte, a Senior Sophister student in Dental Science at Trinity College, fell victim to […]

The Dark Web

Researchers believe that only 4% of the information on the internet is represented on Google’s index of roughly 35 trillion webpages. This means that there are over 700 trillion webpages that are inaccessible through the world’s most popular search engine. This then leads to the question of how illicit and scandalous must these web pages […]

Behind the scenes at Trinity IT

It is difficult for most of us now to imagine a time before Trinity had access to the Internet. And yet just 16 years ago, Trinity’s staff and students were highly suspicious of the new phenomenon. “We first introduced Wi-Fi in 2002 in college,” says Brian O’Hora, who is the project manager of a recently […]

Dear standard language police: get back in your box

While some error-laden comments are confusing to read, the majority are still comprehensible. So why aggressively attack commenters on their language errors?

Keeping it hyperreal

InDepth Editor, D. Joyce Ahearne, considers the role of the media in a world continually becoming more and more online.

Internet: The opiate of the masses?

Does the internet strengthen or destroy the will of the activist? Eva Short makes the case for clicktivism/slacktivism.


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