Dear standard language police: get back in your box

While some error-laden comments are confusing to read, the majority are still comprehensible. So why aggressively attack commenters on their language errors?

OP-EDIn the age of internet and social media, a lot of people spend their time online. Newspapers often publish articles online before or instead of printing them. Much of the social lives of the younger generations will have been formed


Coffee, grammar and a made up language spoken by real people

Irish Green Party founder Christopher Fettes, one of Ireland’s prominent Esperantists, won’t try to convert you, although he’s always open to a friendly chat, Conor O’Donovan and Maurice Casey find.


indepthBANNERAs soon as we take our seats opposite him, Christopher Fettes is sliding two copies of the best English-language Esperanto guide he’s found to date across the table. Though he distinguishes himself from the movement’s more evangelical contingent, as a …


What we can all learn from Wittgenstein about the art of living well

By correctly attending to the ways in which we use language, we may become more tolerant, respectful, and happy.

comment1Ludwig Wittgenstein was perhaps the most important philosopher active in the 20th century. Wittgenstein’s main concern in his philosophy was with language; how we use it, and what we can and cannot say. As a ‘linguistic philosopher’ it may seem …