Looking to the future

There’s an excitement and a sense of change on the horizon.

Matthew Mulligan appointed next editor of Trinity News

Mulligan, the editor-at-large of Trinity News, has been appointed editor of the paper for the 2015-16 academic year.

TCDSU presidents look back

Matthew Mulligan spoke to past SU presidents to find out what union life was like during their terms.

Time to lift MSM blood ban

The message of safe sex needs to be pitched now more than ever to people of all sexualities and genders.

Past Trinity publications showcase forgotten radical history

Trinity magazines of the early 1980s demonstrate an almost alien radicalism to those of today.

The people in the street

Having a place to call one’s own, an address to put after your name when applying for services and the safety and sanctity of your own space can be essential to start seeking help.

Not being able to hold his hand

It is integral that all citizens of a republic feel security and safety in their lives.

Is anybody listening?

Five students from different universities talk about their experiences seeking help with mental illnesses.

The importance of the right to water rally

Matthew Mulligan reflects on the significance of last week’s right to water rally.

TCD students most likely to graduate with first or 2.1

71.7% of Trinity students graduated with either a first or a 2.1 between 2004 and 2013.


Niamh Lynch
Kelly McGlynn
Michael Foley
Katarzyna Siewierska
Clare McCarthy


Aisling Crabbe
Natalia Duda
Sarah Morel
Mike Dolan
John Tierney
Naoise Dolan
Sarah Larragy
Mubbashir Ali Sultan
Nadia Bertaud
Daniel Tatlow


Kevin O'Rourke
Ines Niarchos
Huda Awan