Into the jungle with Flood and Attenborough

Last night saw the kick off for the highly anticipated Ent’s event Jungle, and they did not disappoint!

Last night, Trinity Ent’s hosted the highly anticipated Jungle at the newly renovated club Opium, and it made the classic film Jumanji look second rate.

Upon arrival it was easy to get stuck behind a sea of warm eager bodies going around the corner, all of them waiting in anticipation. You could feel the energy in the air, everyone buzzing with excitement waiting to meet the great David himself.

At the entrance, Ents gave everyone masks with his face on them to really make this night all-inclusive, to get us in the spirit and to channel our ‘inner David’. The venue was packed once we had all shuffled inside. We were in the middle of a large black room, moving and swaying to the beat of the jungle sound, surrounded by faces of David Attenborough, green, red and blue lights shining down upon you. Up on the wall, clips of his documentaries mixed in with some CGI effects. The walls and beams were covered in vines and papier Mache, courtesy of Vis Ars. Hanging from the ceiling were bananas and monkeys, even they were moving to the beat of the music. All around was the sound of laughter. We didn’t have to go to the jungle because Trinity Ent’s successfully brought the jungle to us. Murieann Kane, a member of the Ent’s committee proudly said: “This night confirms the boom is back”.

Sitting with the head of Ent’s himself, David Flood, not Attenborough unfortunately, we got down to what he wanted this night, and other nights in the future to be like. He said Ent’s wants to give the people of Trinity the incentive to dress up and have a good time. That these events are open to everyone. “Anyone can party with whoever and however they like.” Flood said with pride in his voice. His motivation to get people excited and hyped for these events was clear last night.

Tickets sold online cost five euros, at door the door they were ten, but if you arrived dressed in jungle attire your ticket was reduced to seven euros. The person who was best dressed won free entry into any Ent’s night event of their choice until Christmas.

These policies were implemented last night as a once off, but after the event’s success, Ent’s said that would be looking into using these modules and try to incorporate them into different themes for future events.

Although some people didn’t get the memo on dressing up, that didn’t stop one or two people from going all in as if it was Halloween, namely Monty Badger who dressed up with his shorts and camera as the younger version of Attenborough. He later quoted “While I enjoy dressing up as the great David Attenborough, I feel most people didn’t get the jungle memo and therefore am not necessarily in my natural habitat.”

After last night’s raving success, I am eager to see what Ent’s throws at us next.