A miniature art gallery at Trinity

VisArts showcased their sketchbooks alongside wine and food last night in the Atrium

Last night, Trinity Visual Arts brought a vibrant explosion of colours to the Atrium at its highly-anticipated Sketchbook Exhibition. The Sketchbook project comes after a series of successful Botanical illustration workshops in collaboration with BotSoc and DU Meditation and was first launched by the society during week four, with its culmination in the exhibition that took place at 7.30pm.

Participants were originally encouraged to take part in it by simply grabbing a sketchbook to fill with drawings, collages and doodles, letting their creativity flow for an entire month, in preparation for the final showcase of their works of art for other students to see and appreciate.

The Atrium was packed as the attendees leafed through the sketchbooks, among compliments and smiles of admiration and awe of the talented artists. The music was provided by DUDJ and contributed to the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere of the event. The soft lights of the various candles surrounding the sketchbooks lit up for the occasion, which gave an additional impression of gentleness and peace to the already delicate scene. Plenty of food was provided, and people did not hesitate in having a glass of wine, along with olives and cheese, while looking at the beautiful art.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and several people were dressed up for the night. The event proceeded smoothly as increasingly more people came over the course of the night, with the result that the table in which the sketchbooks were laid out was perpetually surrounded by curious visitors. Some of the artists were present too and were able to witness the success of this event, along with enthusiastic committee members.