Student Living

A walking tour of essential Dublin bookstores

Martina Giambanco brings Trinity News on an exploration of the cheapest, coziest, one-off book stores in Dublin city centre

In an increasingly digitised world, we book lovers often have to struggle through a jungle of chain stores before we can find that one independent bookshop which satisfies all of our quaint, bookish needs. Not only are these places brimming …


May the stars be aligned in your favour: An interview with DU Astrological Society

Trinity’s latest society speaks about star sign compatibility and the scepticism surrounding astrology

With the summer approaching, the days are becoming brighter and the clouds are slowly dissipating, which leaves a clearer sky to view the bright stars above. You may look up  thinking about how beautiful they are, and how much more


“Drama and history are a study of motivation, of causes and consequences…acting is reacting”: Natalie Dormer visits the Hist

Natalie Dormer was awarded the Burke Medal for outstanding contribution to the Arts by the Hist today where she spoke about the importance of the arts

The actor Natalie Dormer came to speak to the Hist today for a refreshing talk about the importance of the arts, female roles in the cinematic industry and the role storytelling plays in the complex human experience. The actor was


Not just IKEA and ABBA!

Europa gave an insight to Scandi culture last night by putting on a quiz

Last night, Trinity Europa dedicated an entire evening to Scandinavian countries with a taste of delicious Scandi food and cultural immersion. The event, starting at 7pm in the Global Room, had an extremely good turnout, from both Scandinavians and non-Scandinavians


Smell it before you eat it!

Europa tests your pizza-knowledge with an evening of blind tasting

Europa Trinity entertained their members with a cheesy evening yesterday, filled with delicious pizza and good company. Starting at 7.30pm in the Global Room, the event consisted of a blind pizza tasting, challenging the attendees’ knowledge of as many kinds


A miniature art gallery at Trinity

VisArts showcased their sketchbooks alongside wine and food last night in the Atrium

Last night, Trinity Visual Arts brought a vibrant explosion of colours to the Atrium at its highly-anticipated Sketchbook Exhibition. The Sketchbook project comes after a series of successful Botanical illustration workshops in collaboration with BotSoc and DU Meditation and was


Frankenstein roams the GMB

Trinity celebrated Halloween by reading Mary Shelley’s most famous gothic tale from start to finish

Trinity decided to celebrate Halloween by letting one of the most famous monsters in history exceed the walls of the university and enter the GMB. In fact, this year Trinity has joined around seven hundred other worldwide institutions in a


Feeling homesick?

Ten useful tips on how to deal with it and make the best out of your new college life

No matter what people tell us, starting college may still feel like the most important decision we will ever make. We are left to make our own decisions and it is during these college years that we create the shell