Not just IKEA and ABBA!

Europa gave an insight to Scandi culture last night by putting on a quiz

Last night, Trinity Europa dedicated an entire evening to Scandinavian countries with a taste of delicious Scandi food and cultural immersion. The event, starting at 7pm in the Global Room, had an extremely good turnout, from both Scandinavians and non-Scandinavians who just wanted to test their knowledge. The teams were assembled while music from Scandinavian countries played in the background. The air was filled with excitement and competitiveness as everyone yearned for the first prize, an IKEA voucher, a shop loved by most, especially students for everything one needs in a house.

Typical Scandinavian snacks were served, along with salmon tarts and fruity drinks. When the quiz started, everyone immediately turned their heads to the screen, where a well-made and colorful powerpoint projected the 35 questions on the big screen. From animals to trivial facts, the questions ranged from food and fun facts to more political ones, proceeding then to questions about ABBA and even geography. The society managed to provide a great insight into Scandi culture, conveying knowledge through entertainment.

The answers were given quickly and the crowd showed great enthusiasm and participation. The night ended around 9pm as every team left the room with the satisfaction having learned something new about Scandinavia with the added bonus of a prize for everyone who took part.