Smell it before you eat it!

Europa tests your pizza-knowledge with an evening of blind tasting

Europa Trinity entertained their members with a cheesy evening yesterday, filled with delicious pizza and good company. Starting at 7.30pm in the Global Room, the event consisted of a blind pizza tasting, challenging the attendees’ knowledge of as many kinds of pizzas and toppings as possible. Committee members stood behind three checkpoints with boxes containing slices of different flavours, while members of the society queued, waiting impatiently for their turn.

Once blindfolded, they were handed pizza and they had to taste it and guess what kind of ingredients each of the slices contained. Only if they guessed perfectly were they allowed to proceed to the next station and get even more pizza. The result was essentially a fun game that stimulated attendees to properly taste their pizzas bite by bite in order to obtain even more of it. The success of this event can be attributed to the playful aspect, which everyone seemed to be enjoying, along with their well-earned food. In fact, the room was filled with excitement and laughter as people failed to spot the right ingredients and instead said completely improbable guesses, to the amusement of all those who were not blindfolded.

The society had a crowd of enthusiastic attendees who remained even after the game was over, chatting and relaxing while enjoying a second round of pizzas, brought in by Europa’s committee from Pacino’s restaurant as a way to thank everyone for the amazing turnout and the success of their event.