Music, rum, and dancing: Luke Rynne Cullen’s “Mini Trinity Ball”

Luke Rynne Cullen sought to host a night out to show his skills in event organising and to cater to all types of students

Luke Rynne Cullen, one of three candidates running for TCDSU Ents Officer this year, held his “Mini Trinity Ball” night out in Wigwam last night. The event, promoted as “Trinity Ball without a price tag” played on Cullen’s experience in booking live acts and popular, accessible venues, while also focusing on inclusivity. These points, also outlined in his manifesto, were evident throughout the night.

Upon arrival, attendees were subject to a laid back, conversational atmosphere, with groups either sat at tables, or lounging upstairs in the smoking area. Cullen and his team were no less than attentive, calmly ensuring the smooth running of the event. House music provided a pleasant ambience that was evident from the beginning of the night. The night also saw large crowds gather in front of the stage in anticipation of the variety of acts to be seen.

The event saw Fi, a Trinity singer-songwriter, and chairperson of DU Music, opening proceedings. Through soulful and passionate vocals, accompanied by her skillful guitar work, she captivated listeners, as she led the crowd through a series of her own songs and covers of popular hits. Fi’s performance indicates Cullen’s intentions to work and engage with Trinity based creatives, while she simultaneously evoked students into song and dance as she concluded her set with Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

The event also heard from Trinity musician Oscar Blue, who through energetic guitar playing, strong vocals, and charisma, presided over sing-along entertainment as the crowd continued to grow. Reminding students of the “Mini Trinity Ball” theme, Blue took the audience through a resounding cover of the Coronas’ “Heroes or Ghosts”, while also employing the hits of artists such as Taylor Swift.

Cullen’s plan to cater to all styles and genres was again illustrated through the songs of the experimental hip-hop artists, Uppbeat. Their high energy, fast and dynamic vocals, and audience participation, treated the audience to a completely different show, although no less enjoyable. Alongside these acts, various DJs took to the stage to create a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

Speaking to Trinity News at the event, Cullen made reference to Robinson’s night in the same venue, and noted the lack of female talent at the event. Continuing on the topic of inclusivity, Cullen said ‘it didn’t even cross my mind’ to not include a female act.

Cullen ended the night by commending both the guests and acts, and said “now that’s how you do an event. Tonnes of genres, people spinning on their head, salsa dancing, sing-alongs, inclusivity in the lineup and on the dancefloor”.

Seán McElroy

Seán McElroy is a Staff Writer for Trinity News.