College characters: the Sesh Gremlin

With Halloween finished, Brigit Hirsch unmasks the legend of the nocturnal Sesh Gremlin

The sun sets over Harcourt Street, and an autumn moon vanishes behind a cloud of cigarette smoke. The Sesh Gremlins, elusive creatures of the night, emerge to seek out an absolute sesh. From all corners of Dublin, they gather and make their way toward bright lights and pints. They desire only one thing: the craic. 

When the sun shines, the Sesh Gremlin may be identified by large, dark sunglasses that protect it from the harsh light of the day star. By night, however, the outfit of the Sesh Gremlin shifts and changes with every themed party: the Gremlin might be an American frat party bro, a 1920s flapper, or a Halloween zombie with makeup-coated skin. Whether the Sesh Gremlin is as tan as a pumpkin or glittering with fairy dust, its characteristic calls, such as “Yup the girlos” or a repetitive whoop during an absolute banger on the dance floor, are unmistakable.

If you are in need of a social life and must seek out a Sesh Gremlin, their 9am classes are not the first place to look. Never fear: Trinity News has the life cycle of a Sesh Gremlin charted with precision for you. In the morning, a Sesh Gremlin lurks in its bed, gaining strength for the day. By late afternoon, the Sesh Gremlin rises from the grave to seek sustenance in the Pav, and in the evening, it returns to prepare for another evening hunt. By the early hours of the morning, a Gremlin will return to Supermacs, McDonalds, or Dominos online ordering, because unlike other gremlins, the Sesh Gremlin must be fed after midnight.

A single, lonely Sesh Gremlin haunts St. Andrew’s Lane. It is the ghost of times past, the chief mourner of Hangar. On still nights, you can still see the flashing lights of that old warehouse, and hear the distant repetitive beat of techno. Another Sesh Gremlin, well into the final year of college, prowls the grounds of Trinity Halls on big nights out, searching for long-lost Freshers Week spirit. Sesh Gremlins like these are relics of Dublin nightlife, following in the footsteps of former Trinity Gremlins such as Bram Stoker. 

“Without the Sesh Gremlin, the College scene would quickly wither away into dutiful studies and dull prinks”

Without the Sesh Gremlin, the College scene would quickly wither away into dutiful studies and dull prinks, full of awful Spotify playlists that are riddled with ads. The Sesh Gremlin saves Trinity students from this upside-down, lighting the way to spooky and wonderful 3am adventures in the city centre. And we follow the flickering lights that they leave behind as Michael Jackson’s Thriller echoes in the night, because there is a little bit of Sesh Gremlin in every university student. 

Brigit Hirsch

Brigit Hirsch is the current Social Media Editor of Trinity News.