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How to quit the nocturnal life

Finding it difficult to wake up during daylight hours? Brigit Hirsch explains how to sort out your poor sleep schedule

Months of self-isolation have blurred the line between day and night. For Trinity students, it’s time to cast off sleepless hours of Tik Tok scrolling and, for the first time in months, stay awake while the sun shines at

Student Living

College characters: The SU Hack

Brigit Hirsch exposes this House 6 dwelling, placard-wielding species of Trinity student

Every college needs a hero. If the heroes of Trinity are the sabbatical officers of the students’ union, then SU Hacks are their loyal sidekicks. The Hack rises from the ashes of their pubescent years and takes to the proverbial

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Alumni tales: To NASA and beyond

Dr Matthew Berkeley explains his career, the importance of space dust, and what it takes to literally shoot for the stars

Dr Matthew Berkeley may not describe himself as a genius, but his degrees speak for themselves. He grew up in Dublin, graduated from Trinity and his academic and professional successes include international work on the study of the universe and

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College Characters: The Seagull

John Livingston, a local seagull, defends the misunderstood, winged attendees of Trinity

“Outside the Book of Kells exhibit, unsuspecting tourists munch on snacks from Grafton street, and seagulls move in for the kill.” John Livingston, a prominent Trinity seagull, settles down for our interview: “This is how the world sees us.”


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College characters: The Nerd

Assignment deadlines and exams are looming. That Monday 9am you never go to? Brigit Hirsch profiles the person that you go to for your missed notes

Ah, exam time. The crunch of leaves and free time underfoot, the crisp smell of cold air and mumps in Front Square. Through it all, there is one college character who is either consistently, unnecessarily worried or maddeningly calm as

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College characters: The Socialite

Brigit Hirsch asks if you have what it takes to be the next social climber

From across Front Square, you recognise that familiar Trinity Halls face. At prinks last night, you two had a great, lager-fuelled chat about an economics lecture that you share. In light of that chit-chat, you smile and wave at the