Peadar Walsh elected TCDSU Ents officer with 1,982 votes

Improving venue accessibility and diversifying events were core points of the uncontested candidate campaign  

Sole candidate Peadar Walsh was elected Ents officer in tonight’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical election results.

Walsh, who currently serves as the Ents officer for Trinity Hall’s JCR, ran uncontested and received 1,982 of the overall votes.

RON received 275 votes, and 158 votes were spoiled.

This was the first occasion in several years where the Ents race has been uncontested.

Speaking to Trinity News following the result, Walsh thanked his campaign team, especially his campaign manager Teni.

He also thanked former Ents Officer Max Lynch for “getting [him] interested in this role in the first place” and thanked current Ents Officer Olivia Orr for “giving [him] for platform”.

When asked the first thing he would do as Ents officer, he said he would “put a fucking dartboard in the Pav”.

Walsh ran a campaign focused on improving safety and accessibility of event venues used by Trinity Ents and introducing a broader variety of events being held by Trinity Ents.

Throughout his campaign, Walsh frequently expressed his desire to provide support to societies and “share Trinity Ents resources” with societies to help them more efficiently organise and coordinate events.

Faye Madden

Faye Madden is an Assistant News Editor for the 69th volume of Trinity News.