Editorial: Threats to cut admissions are further proof of College’s ambivalence toward its students

Amid funding issues and an ‘insufficient’ budget provision, College needs to reassess its priorities

It has been no secret that funding for third level education in Ireland has been lacking, but the response to underfunding in Trinity has been yet another exercise in exposing the ambivalence and misplaced priorities of its administration.

In his …


Editorial: Trinity must stand with its students in the face of climate crisis

From silence on last week’s marches to extensive private staff flights, does college remain true to its pledge to fight climate crisis?

As seemingly the entirety of Dublin, and indeed the whole world, took to the streets in a rallying call against the impending climate crisis facing us all, one voice was suspiciously silent. At the heart of Ireland’s capital and a


Student life is over-reliant on social media

From politics to societies, every aspect of student life is inseparable from a social network

Student life has changed over the years, and so too has the world’s youth naturally adopted new technologies and norms. Social media has become an irremovable part of our social circles now, and that doesn’t look to be changing any


Trinity’s graduation process needs to adapt for today’s students

From ceremonies entirely in Latin to awarding degrees in descending order of merit, the entire process has become elitist and outdated

With yet another year’s graduations behind us, it’s long past the time where we need to examine just how we celebrate and commemorate the graduation of Trinity students, and what should be changed about the graduation process and the ceremony


Trinity needs more coordination and opportunities across departments

Electives and module choices should not be restricted so tightly to individual courses and departments

For a university that prides itself so much on the spirit of classical thinkers that graced its halls in ages gone by, Trinity’s range of educational opportunities can feel incredibly narrow and restrictive at times. Students come to historic, reputable


Stay or go: why should students stay in Ireland after graduation?

Between health, housing, and education — should students be leaving Ireland with their degrees?

These days, it can be difficult to decide how students should view Ireland as a part oftheir future. Recent surges of activism, progressivism, and a swell in youth votes have brought about a feeling of hopefulness for people, and a …