Student Living

Sunday Longread: The female student experience

Abby Cleaver discusses the routine challenges faced by many women in light of the murder of Ashling Murphy

This article contains discussion of sexual violence 

The female student experience can be broken down into sets of protective routines influenced by safety rules imposed by society that we have been taught or learned as women. Personal ritual practices are

Student Living

Now Hiring! The reality of finding a student job in Dublin

Abby Cleaver recounts her experience of gaining employment whilst advising others on how to approach the world of work

Looking for a part-time job that suits a busy college life can be an uphill battle, especially with hundreds of other students doing the same. I personally know how hard trying to find employment as a student is, particularly with


The modern wellness industry only justifies a harmful way of living

Meditation apps and self care manuals just serve to distract from fundamental failures of society

The modern wellness industry doesn’t serve to help people as much as it does to cover up the exploitative society which brought it into existence. Modern life is dominated by the ongoing struggle for work/life balance. It’s typical for students