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Climate change through a creative lens: Mould Into Shape at Dublin Fringe Festival

Caoimhe White recounts the ecological implications of the directorial work of May Breen and Casserly’s Dublin Fringe Piece: Mould Into Shape

“Plastic is a wonderful material which we abuse in its single-use nature,” relayed the voice in the headphones of 30 people standing beside individual stone mounds on Killiney beach. To passersby, the scene may have resembled a cult induction ceremony,


DUPA’s disposable camera crawl: Old-fashioned photography for the Instagram generation

DUPA’s event attracted approximately 60 attendees for a night of drinking, socialising and photography challenges

Last night the Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) held a disposable camera pub crawl. Attendees met at the Pavilion Bar at 7pm, which was the first destination of the event. As it was golden hour on a Friday, the bar