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Reframing queerbaiting: Why applying it to celebrities misses the mark

Daisy Gambles explores the use of the term queerbaiting, and the damaging effect this can have if misapplied to celebrities rather than fictional characters

Queerbaiting is a term that’s recently soared to prominence in discourse surrounding popular media and people in the public eye. The very definition of queerbaiting identifies it as a marketing technique that aims to attract LGBTQ+ audiences by hinting at


A sign of the times: an alumni interview

Daisy Gambles conducts a 90th Anniversary interview with a former Chairperson of DU Players: Heather Walsh

DU Players is the drama society for Trinity College, presenting over 300 plays a year and holding the title of the oldest drama society in Europe. Players is also a network of directors, actors, writers, producers, and creatives. With the

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The evolution of therapy speak in modern relationships

Daisy Gambles explores the progression, and potentially harmful misuse, of therapy speak in contemporary relationships

In early July of this year, texts sent from the 21 Jump Street actor Jonah Hill to his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady were posted online, sending the internet into a frenzy over the language and nature of the messages. The texts