This Week at Trinity: ‘Tóg go Bog É’ with Trinity Ents

This week is a rare opportunity to learn more about Brexit, distilleries, and why we should smoke rollies outside the Arts Block

Hopefully everyone is feeling at least moderately refreshed after last week, and have settled into a new term of classes and schedules. If not, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, this week is Trinity Ents’ Tóg go Bog …


Society Spotlight: Trinity Hiking Society

Grace Fannon speaks to Chairperson Camille Stock about moving hiking online and how not to lose someone up a mountain

The Wicklow Mountains are, presumably, still just south of Dublin City. But for Trinity Hiking Society, caught in the limitations of Level 5 lockdown, they may as well be as far as San Diego, where coincidentally, their chairperson currently resides.


This week in Trinity: Comedy, Murder Trials and Drunken Politics

Comedy stand up, mock murder trials and drunken politics are sure to bring some laughter as we round off the month of November

With Grafton Street alight and December almost upon us, there’s been an undeniably Christmassy shift in atmosphere these past two weeks. Before we all officially pull on our Santa hats and Christmas pyjamas, there is still the last week of


Sunday longread: Trinity societies throughout the years

How new societies reflect changing social contexts and student values throughout Trinity’s history

At Trinity, it is a well-known fact that the Phil, founded in 1683, is the world’s oldest student debating society. This admittedly impressive information is eagerly brandished from the moment we step into Freshers’ Fair as youthfully impressionable first years,


This week in Trinity: Mental Health Week

From positive mental wellbeing to US presidential elections, this is certainly a week filled with variety

With Halloween come and gone and six weeks of online class behind us, I think we’re all looking forward to the chance to recharge a little over reading week. But before you officially take to your bed with some deserved


This week at Trinity: Society Week

Distract yourself from looming deadlines with manifestation, a vegan tray bake and an Open Mic night

As usual, the term is gathering momentum, and the sudden realisation that three weeks are already behind us is enough to cause minor anxiety. The panic is beginning to set in about upcoming assignment due dates, and what began as


Democracy, diplomacy and free pizza

Grace Fannon talks to three students about their experiences of being and becoming a society chair

In many ways, societies form the bedrock of student life at Trinity. They are a sphere within the college that is managed and operated by the students themselves, making them an important representation of student interests and values on campus.