Arts & Culture

Don’t stop, make it pop

Laila Banerjee reviews theatrical production WAKE by THISISPOPBABY at the National Stadium

THISPOPBABY recently released WAKE, and trust me; there is a lot to unpack here! So wake up, because this isn’t what you’re probably expecting.

I sat in the National Stadium with a Guinness in one hand and my notebook in

Student Living

Summer inspo 2024

Laila Banerjee provides a list of (unconventional) activities that you can immerse yourself in this summer

I’m from India so I get told quite often: “You must really enjoy winter considering you live in a tropical country,” and frankly, I do not. I count the days till I can step out without taking 10 minutes to

Sex & Relationships

Beware, the Ides of February

Laila Banerjee outlines the woes and comforts of Valentine’s Day for the average Valentine’s Day sceptic

I have never met anyone who is wholly unaffected by Valentine’s Day. There is one half that eagerly awaits this day while the other half absolutely resents it to the point of indignation. In all honesty, up until writing this …