TUDSU walk out of USI Congress in fee protest

The protest occurred after Congress refused to discuss a TUDSU motion to cap and reduce the USI affiliation fee

Delegates from the Technological University of Dublin Students’ Union (TUDSU) have walked out of the Congress of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), following a motion proposed by the USI President to conduct a review of the fee that


Editorial: Bugging has destroyed the integrity of the University Times

Any student is liable to bugging if the University Times does not face serious consequences


In 2015, the University Times’ staff insisted that the Editor take a leave of absence from the newspaper after details of emails that the Central Societies Committee had provided on the condition that they not be referred to in an


In my eighth year of competitive debating, I’m quitting for good

A parting love letter to one of College’s most popular and most maligned activities

At the top of the “extracurricular” section of my CV, it says that I reached the semi-finals of the European Debating Championships (Euros). It was in August 2017 at the Tallinn Euros, my first major university competition with my long-term

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Editorial: The RONs that got away

Contributing Editor, Rory O’Sullivan, and Editor, Niamh Lynch, weigh in on the prominence of re-opening nominations as an option in this year’s TCDSU Comms race


At the time of writing, there is a chance that, for the first time in recent memory, an unopposed candidate will lose an election to RON. Muireann Kane is polling at 56% among decided voters in the Communications and Marketing


Poor management has left TCDSU in a perilous position

The Union’s accounts for 2017/18 are a thorough indictment of the operating practices of last year’s Union leadership

The accounts for TCDSU in 2017/18 are a thorough indictment of the operating practices of last year’s Union leadership. The deficit is more than four times that of 2016/17. That year, the Union had a deficit of €14,837. Last year,


Editorial: De Rís’ putting a strain on Trinity’s relationship with USI, with no apparent upsides

It’s hard to see what the point of all of this pinning of colours to mastheads from Shane de Rís is

The contents of Budget 2019 have evoked fiery responses from student political leaders all across the country. Some of them have even managed to become fiery with one another. TCDSU President Shane de Rís circulated an email to all USI