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The Ozempic Epidemic: What is it & why is it so popular?

Thana Elshaafi looks into the origin of the popular medication and the reason behind its surge in popularity

Ozempic has become a heated topic in recent years, both among healthcare professionals and the public. Also known as Semaglutide, it has been hailed as a miracle weight loss and diabetes medication by both doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. However,

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Recipes For the 60s – what Trinity students used to eat

In this anniversary piece Thana Elshaafi looks at the most popular recipes shared in the paper during the 60s and whether they stood the test of time

The world of food is ever-evolving, with culinary trends and tastes changing from generation to generation. One way to understand the evolution of our culinary preferences is by taking a journey back in time to explore recipes from the past.

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Back To College Nutritious Recipes

Thana Elshaafi shares easy, time-saving recipes that you can turn to help keep up healthy eating habits this term

The beginning of college brings with it elements of excitement and worry as students return to campus and navigate the challenges of juggling academics, social life, and personal responsibilities. With increasing commitments, cooking and maintaining a balanced diet can often