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Rachael Lavelle’s spirited soundworlds

Dublin-based artist Rachael Lavelle on creating music which responds to the world, and how the world responds in return

As 2019 drew to a close and music sites published their top Irish tracks of the year, Rachael Lavelle was a name ubiquitous to most. Her song, Perpetual Party, released in September 2019 made its way into Nialler9, was reviewed

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Collapsible review: Breakdown in the modern age

Margaret Perry’s Collapsible presents a stunning portrayal of depersonalisation, destabilisation and the power of empathy

I am sitting in Smock Alley Theatre fifteen minutes early for Margaret Perry’s play, Collapsible. I am trying to read the Dublin Fringe Festival information booklet, but I cannot concentrate. I am distracted by Essie (Breffni Holahan), the subject of …


Israel conference to go ahead in Cork

A controversial conference is set to go ahead this month but will be jointly staged between Cork City Hall and UCC

A conference that has caused friction between the Embassy of Israel in Ireland and University College Cork (UCC) is to take place this month, but will be jointly held by both UCC and Cork City Hall, organisers announced last week.


Trinity alumnus, Aoife McArdle, directs viral Super Bowl advertisement

McArdle directed the Audi advertisement entitled “Daughter”


Aoife McArdle, an alumnus of Trinity College, is the director of the trending Audi advertisement entitled “Daughter”. Originally from Tyrone, McArdle studied English Literature and Film in College.

“Daughter”, which first aired at the Super Bowl, has quickly become


Garda investigation launched in IT Sligo as letter threatening to shoot students found

Garda investigation launched in IT Sligo as letter threatening to shoot students found


A Garda investigation has been launched following the discovery of a letter allegedly written by an Institute of Technology (IT), Sligo student threatening to shoot fellow students in an exam hall next month.

The letter was discovered in a classroom


TCD Theological Society – where are they now?

In an interview with auditor Mark Finn, Zahra Khan explores the history of College’s third-oldest society


“The Theo is “Trinity’s third oldest society and we primarily in recent years focus on guest speakers, for example the Mormons who came to talk last year and the Psychic Deborah.””

As the archetypal fresh-faced fresher, I joined almost every …


Our sense of foreboding has rung true and it’s a deafening sound

Zahra Khan describes the dumbfounding fear she felt as the electoral votes began to clock up in favour of Donald Trump, America’s 45th President

“We were never prepared to expect a man who wished to bar all Muslims from entering the US. We were never prepared to expect that the Majority would agree.”

I did not wake up to the shocking, soul shattering news …